ND Lorena Parina counseling the employees on healthy diet using the Pinggang PinoyThe Parañaque City Nutrition Office conducted a Nutrition Kitchen Mobile Caravan as part of the week-long celebration of Paranaque’s 19th Cityhood Anniversary.

The week-long celebration was held at the Parañaque City Hall from February 8 to 13 with a series of activities prepared by different departments such as job fairs, medical and dental caravans, and discount caravans for the employees and the constituents.

The Nutrition Kitchen Mobile Caravan was part of the “Serbisyo Lang Po Buhay” Caravan which aims to promote proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle through provision of hot meals and nutrition education through mother and children’s classes and/or nutrition counselling.

On February 8, the City Nutrition Office organized a Nutrition Caravan at the parking lot of the city hall where the mobile kitchen was set up and was used to prepare and distribute pancakes, macaroni soup, pancakes, and chocolate drink to around 200 people.

A nutrition counselling session was also conducted simultaneously at the City Treasury Lobby. A total of 33 employees were counselled regarding weight management through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle using the Pinggang Pinoy pamphlets with emphasis to the key messages of the 10 Kumainments. The employees were encouraged to eat a balanced diet and to avoid eating too sweet, salty and fatty foods.  They were also advised to limit cigarette and alcohol intake and to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity throughout the week in order to attain normal body weight.

The Pinggang Pinoy was appreciated by the participants for it provided a visual representation of how much of each type of food must be present in a meal.

Sana may ipinamimigay din kayong Pinggang Pinoy pamphlet,” was a comment made by one of the employees reflecting the eagerness of the participant to adopt a healthy lifestyle through eating a balanced diet.

True to the city government’s motto “sErbisyo Lang pO,” the celebration had become another opportunity for the City Nutrition Office not only to serve but also to promote good nutrition to its constituents. 

Written by: Ms. Mary Dancille D. Villarey, Nutritionist-Dietitian I, Parañaque City

Ms. Villarey is a member of the NCR Nutrition Writers’ Guild and C/DNPC of Metro Manila Association, Inc.

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