cdnpc tech exchangeThe City/District Nutrition Program Coordinators (C/DNPCs) of Metro Manila visited Tagaytay City for this year’s Technical Exchange on February 23 where they observed and learned the city’s good practices on nutrition program management and implementation.

The Technical Exchange is an annual activity conducted by the C/DNPCs of Metro Manila Association with funding support and technical assistance from the National Nutrition Council – NCR.  As part of their continuing education program, the activity provides the members with the opportunity to gain insights and new learnings from an outstanding local government unit (LGU) in NPM such as Tagaytay City being a Nutrition Honor Awardee.  Tagaytay City is also the home of the 2015 National Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (NOBNS) Danilo Posion making the city a good venue for learning. 

The activity was attended by 22 members from the 11 LGUs in NCR together with NNC-NCR Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Milagros Elisa Federizo and Nutrition Officer II Theresa Rivas.  


City Councilor for Health Joel Tibayan warmly welcomed the group on behalf of Mayor Agnes Tolentino. Tagaytay City Nutrition Program Coordinator Marietta Dogelio gave a brief presentation on the city’s nutrition situation and the nutrition programs and projects being implemented by the City Nutrition Committee including their innovative nutrition projects and practices.  They also visited the lactation station located in the city hall and the City Nutrition Office. The group appreciated how the Nutrition Office documents their nutrition programs and were inspired with the city’s efforts to incorporate good values and character enhancement in their nutrition activities.

The group then visited Barangay Iruhin Central where they met NOBNS Danilo Posion. They were very much impressed and inspired by BNS Posion’s accomplishments and initiatives as well as the various nutrition projects of the barangay. In Barangay Neogan, Barangay Captain Reynoso Espiritu oriented the group on their Barangay Nutrition Committee’s innovative programs and projects.

The technical exchange in Tagaytay City was a good opportunity for the Metro Manila C/DNPCs to get new ideas or practices that they can adopt in their own localities.  The activity had indeed renewed the passion and commitment of the C/DNPCs in working for nutrition improvement of the communities that they serve through effective and efficient nutrition program management. (TAR/NPC MEVF/NNC-NCR)

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