eopt trainingThe National Nutrition Council of the National Capital Region in partnership with the C/DNPCs of Metro Manila Association, Inc. conducted an orientation training on the use of the e-OPT Tool on February 01, 2017 at the NNC Board Room in Taguig City. 

A total of thirty-two (32) local nutrition program coordinators and a Barangay Nutrition Scholar from the seventeen (17) local government units in NCR attended the training. 

The Operation Timbang (OPT) is the annual mass weighing of all preschoolers 0-71 months old or below six (6) years old done every first quarter of the year. To facilitate the fast and accurate determination of the nutritional status of children, a computer-based (Microsoft Excel) tool initially called the “BNS Tool” was developed in 2010. However, through the years, some errors and limitations on the software were identified that resulted in the continuous enhancements done by the Nutrition Surveillance Division of the NNC. 

pque best in lgu investmentThe designation of Parañaque City’s First Lady Mrs. Janet A. Olivarez as the City Nutrition Action Officer sparked optimism in the hearts of the nutrition workers and members of the City Nutrition Committee (CNC). Regarded as the mother of nutrition in their city, CNAO Olivarez became instrumental in revitalizing the CNC, ensuring its functionality and in getting the much needed funding support from the city government and other stakeholders.

In 2015, the city government invested Php 4.8 million to their local PPAN implementation. This amount is 23% higher than the previous year’s nutrition budget of Php 3.9 million. CNC Chair and City Mayor Edwin L. Olivarez allocated budget for micronutrient supplements such as iron-folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex and multivitamins for the mothers and undernourished children. Additional budget for nutrition programs was generated through the efforts of CNAO Olivarez in partnership with non-governmental organizations and philanthropists.

NHA MandaluyongCityAfter more than a decade,  Mandaluyong City, the Tiger City brings back honor to the National Capital Region (NCR) by grabbing the 2016 Nutrition Honor Award (NHA), the highest award conferred to a local government unit (LGU) by the National Nutrition Council NNC) in the recent 2016 National Nutrition Awarding Ceremony. NHA is conferred to Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner (CROWN) in Nutrition for three consecutive years and who received a 98% and above rating in the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Local Level Implementation (MELLPI) during the national evaluation, evident of a consistent outstanding performance in efforts for nutrition improvement. Only three LGUs in NCR were able to achieve this feat since it started in 1998: Makati City in 1998; Pateros in 2002 and Las Piñas in 2003.

article writing workshopMembers of the NCR Nutrition Writers’ Guild attended a workshop on “Writing for the Web” held on January 12, 2017 at the Boardroom of the National Nutrition Council in Taguig City.

The National Nutrition Council at the National Capital Region (NNC-NCR) conducted the workshop to capacitate members of the NCR Nutrition Writers’ Guild on how to properly write news and feature articles. As members of the Writers’ Guild, they are expected to be active contributing writers in the NNC-NCR webpage and in their respective local newsletters.

Regional Director Ariel Valencia discussing the Urban Gardening PlanPasig City - “It is good that we have people around helping each other to improve the health and nutrition situation of Metro Manila”, Regional Nutrition Committee Chair and Department of Health – National Capital Regional Office Regional Director Dr. Ariel I. Valencia said in his message during the Joint Regional Nutrition Committee (RNC) and Regional Nutrition Management Group (RNMG) Year-end meeting.

The members of the RNC and RNMG met on December 9, 2016 to assess their group’s accomplishments in 2016 and discuss their plans for 2017. 

makati best in documentationThe documentation of processes, results and outcomes of nutrition programs, projects and activities is an important aspect of efficient nutrition program management. Cognizant of the value of documentation, the City Nutrition Committee (CNC) of Makati established their own system/procedures in documenting the implementation of their local nutrition programs, both at the city and barangay levels.

Documentation reports serve as evidences of implementation and are very useful in informing others what the local nutrition committees and nutrition workers are doing. They also serve as good advocacy tool/materials and as references for evaluation. 

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