Collaged for g4 article 2The revival of the Garden of Go, Grow and Glow or G4 can be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the emerging issues of food insecurity and malnutrition.

In July 2005, former RNC X chairperson and NEDA X Regional Director Casimira V. Balandra launched the G4 initiative. Unique only to NorMin, the initiative was a banner project of the RNC X supported by RDC X through Resolution No. 33, series of 2005 as a practical strategy for food security to counter malnutrition and improve nutritional status.

However, in the current setting, weak advocacy and implementation of the initiative has been observed at the local level which can be considered as a constraint or gap in achieving the regional goal of decreased incidence of malnutrition.

While the mean one-day per capita intake of vegetables in Region X is increasing from 104 g in 2008 to 138 g in 2015, and fruit consumption however is decreasing (58 g in 2008 to 138 g in 2015). Moreso, the shift in dietary pattern is evident throughout the years. National Nutrition Survey (NNS) results of FNRI-DOST in 1978 and 2008 show a decrease of average vegetable consumption, from 145 g to 120 g, and fruit consumption from 104 g to 44 g. These two factors might contribute to the increasing prevalence of underweight and stunting among children below 5, and stunting among 5-10 years old in NorMin.

Since the project fits with the region’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of ending hunger, achieving food and nutrition security and promoting sustainable agriculture, RNC X took the leap to create change through the issuance of RNC X Resolution No. 5 s. 2016 which dictates the revival and implementation of the G4 initiative.

The local nutrition committees shall act as the cogs for the implementation of the initiative. Similar to CROWN awardee Gingoog City’s good practice, an awarding scheme for outstanding G4 implementors shall be developed to further motivate local government units.

It is envisioned that the revival of the G4 initiative will bring forth food security and better nutrition outcomes in the region, both at the community and household levels. smgt

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