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The 10 Kumainments

The 10 Kumainments is the popular version of the revised Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF). The 10 Kumainments consists of shorter and simpler messages for better recall and understanding.

You can download other 10 Kumainments collaterals from the links below:  

Read the Guidelines on the use of 10 Kumainments collaterals

Watch the 10 Kumainments Audio Visual Presentation 


1) 10 Kumainments flyer (front & back) 
Front Back

tm 10 kumainment flyer front page icon

tm 10 kumainment flyer back page
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2. 10 Kumainments fan (Front & back)
 tm 10 kumainment fan front tm 10 kumainment fan back
download green download green
3. 10 Kumainments Poster 4. 10 Kumainments bread tablet
 TM 10-Kumainments-poster for-printing final icon  tm breadtablet
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5. 10 Kumainments Billboard 6. 10 Kumainments Ref Magnet
 tm 10 kumainments billboard  tm 10 kumainment ref magnet
download green download green
 7. Mang Moi Standee  8. 10 Kumainments Print Ad
mang moi standee icon tm breadtablet
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9. 10 Kumainments Ibanag Version  10. 10 Kumainments Cebuano Version
10 Kumainments Ibanag - icon 10 Kumainments Cebuano - icon
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11. 10 Kumainments Ilocano Version  
10 Kumainments Ilocano - icon  
download green