MELLPI article 2021

Annually, the Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation or MELLPI is conducted by an interagency nutrition evaluation team from the national to provincial/ city/municipal levels to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of local nutrition program management and implementation.

This year, the NNC Secretariat conducts a new scheme – a virtual MELLPI in lieu of the usual face-to-face evaluation due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. At the regional level, the interagency regional evaluation teams (RET) coordinated and led by NNC regional office will do a combination of virtual and face-to-face evaluation schemes following the advisory of IATF on small group meetings and the local government unit protocol. The RET will visit all provinces and highly urbanized and independent cities (HUC and IC) in the region.

The validation process starts with NNC’s invitation to agencies and partners to participate in the MELLPI. The MELLPI online validation visit officially started with the conduct of the orientation meeting on 14 and 16 of April 2021.  The virtual or online validation for maintenance awards contenders started on 18 May 2021 and is expected to end in the last week of June 2021. A deliberation meeting before the national awarding ceremony will be set sometime in the first week of August 2021.

In 2019, the N/RET launched the use of the enhanced version of MELLPI called MELLPI Pro.  Hence this year, the performance of the local government units vying for the CROWN Maintenance and Nutrition Honor Award is being assessed in terms of vision, policies, governance, local nutrition committee management, nutrition service delivery, and program effectiveness. The aim is to inform and guide decision-makers in coming up with appropriate policies and enhance the implementation of nutrition programs at the local level. The tool is being used by the national and will be used by the region, province, city, and municipality as the official evaluation tool. In 2019, only six (6) regions and the National Evaluation Team (NET) used MELLPI Pro to pilot test and calibrate the scores for LGUs vying for CROWN Maintenance and Nutrition Honor Award at the regional and national level. 

Simultaneous with the full implementation of MELLPI Pro is the recognition of local nutrition focal points aside from the National Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar, specifically, the Nutrition Action Officers with two (2) levels region and provincial and the District/City /Municipal Nutrition Program Coordinator.

As of posting, the NET has completed validations visits to the 17 LGUs vying for the First Year CROWN Maintenance (5 areas), Second Year CROWN Maintenance (9 areas), and Nutrition Honor Award (3 areas). The NNC calls for the active participation of the local government units through their nutrition committee in the monitoring and evaluation activity as a mechanism to craft or adjust appropriate interventions for the continuous delivery of quality nutrition services in their localities. 

Daniel G. Salunga