SMC FOR NM 2022 2

The National Nutrition Council Technical Committee approved through ad referencum the theme for this year’s Nutrition Month campaign in July which is “New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!”. The theme calls for strengthened nutrition interventions and solidarity towards nutrition improvement as the country shifts towards living with the COVID-19 virus. The theme signifies the key role of nutrition in building resilience from pandemic to endemic paradigm. The term “new normal” was adopted to signify a transition to a better normal while bringing the positive impacts of the pandemic to become more resilient and to prevent future pandemics.

The pandemic has made a huge impact on nutrition such as disruptions in the delivery of nutrition and related services, increased hunger incidence due, and many more. But there are also positive impacts such as innovation in service delivery, home food production, increased awareness of one’s health and consuming healthy diets, and the solidarity amongst the people to help each other.

The Nutrition Month campaign aims to highlight the importance of nutrition in recovery, stimulate discussions on how to build back better the design and delivery of nutrition interventions, and encourage the participation of various sectors to promote nutrition. The campaign calls upon stakeholders to implement evidence-based and innovative solutions to increase resilience and improved nutrition outcomes. Nutrition Month will also call upon nutrition advocates influence decision-makers to ensure that nutrition is part of the development agenda in the coming administration.

With the announcement of the Nutrition Month theme, the NNC encourages national and local governments, NGOs, civil society organizations, and communities to plan for the campaign in July and include sustaining activities for the rest of the year. For more details of the 2022 Nutrition Month celebration and see how you or your organization can participate in the campaign, regularly visit and NNC Facebook page for updates.