BARMM Policies, Plans & Activities

Resolution Enjoining All Local Government Units To Deploy at Least One (1) Barangay Nutrition Scholar in Every Barangay
Requesting the BARMM Social Development Committee to Enjoin the Local Chief Executives to Organize/Reorganize/Activate the Local Nutrition Committee in BARMM.
Memo addressed to All Provincial Governors, City/Municipal Mayors, and Punong Barangays. Request for Inclusion of Recommended Nutrition Programs, Projects and Activities in the Devolution Transition Plan (DTP) Attached the proposal on the Creation of Local Nutrition Office.
In 2018, the defunct ARMM Government has passed an AO No. 3 S 2018 entitled "Creating the Home-Grown School Feeding (HGSF) Inter-agency Committee in the implementation of RA 11037.
Adoption and implementation of the BARMM Plan of Action for Nutrition 2020-2022 will help in the regions contribution to the PDPs goal in addressing the inequities in opportunities and outcomes particularly for the poor and human development outcomes in health and nutrition.
Pursuant to RA 10121, DOH issued Department Personnel Order No. 2007-2492 A amending Department Personnel Order 2007-2492 dated 30 August 2007 regarding the "Creation of the Health CLuster with sub-clusters on Nutrition, WASH and Health" and revising its title into Creation of Health Emergency Management (HEM) Clusters.
In view of the passage and ratification of Republic Act No. 11054, it is imperative to reorganize the Regional Nutrition Committee in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao to be consistent with the structure, powers and functions of the Bnagsamoro Government, and responsive to the needs of the constituents of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.
The BARMM Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition 2020-2022 is the response of the regional government to the alarming nutritional problem in the region. The 2015 National Nutrition Survey recorded a high prevalence of stunting among children below five at 45.2 % or around 236,000 children, which is among the highest stunting rates in the world. The prevalence of wasting in BARMM is also high, reaching 8.2 % and 6.3 % for children below 5 and children age 5 to 10, respectively.
In 2013, the Regional Nutrition Committee was established and in view with the passage and ratification of Republic Act No. 11054, it is imperative to create a Regional Nutriition Committee in the BARMM under Regional Social Development Committee. On February 8, 2021, THE RSDC passed a resolution requesting the Bangsamoro Econominc Development Council to create the Regional Nutrition Committee under the SDcom.
The province of Sulu has been identified in the ten priority to implement the ECCD F1K program, specifically in all barangays of the 9 municipalities of Jolo, Indanan, Maimbung, Patikul, Panglima Estino, Pangutaran, Tapul, HP Tahil and Parang.
The Regional Nutrition Committee has formulated the ARMM Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition (RPAN) for the period of 2018-2022 which serves as framework of region-specific startegies and actions in nutrition for local nutrition committees and RNC member agencies to implement.
The Nutritional Guidelines for Muslim Filipinos were drafted and finalized by the Darul Iftah Central Mindanao and Bureau of Madaris of Dep Ed ARMM in 2015.
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