Ensuring Nutrition Priorities in Local Development Plans and Budgets

A seminal discourse that identifies seven imperatives on why local governments should invest in nutrition and build resiliency through investments in nutrition. 

An editable file that outlines suggested provisions in formulating a comprehensive ordinance to support the implementation, coordination, resourcing and monitoring of the nutrition program at the local level.  The template is in document format to enable its users to customize or edit the suggested ordinance provisions according to local needs and context.   

Each document outlines the rationale and suggested objectives, outputs, major activities, project organization and management, and cost centers of nutrition-specific, sensitive and enabling programs, which are recommended components of the Local Nutrition Action Plan.   

The nutrition situation analysis describes the various forms and levels of malnutrition in the local government unit, identifies which groups and areas are most affected, and analyzes the multi-level causes and multi-sectoral dimensions of these problems.  The analysis also incorporates gender by highlighting disparities and identifying the specific needs, priorities, and roles of women and men.

The Excel-based costing tool was developed to assist provinces, cities, and municipalities in identifying, cost-estimating and prioritizing nutrition programs, projects and activities based on the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022.  It is also useful in estimating the budgetary requirements of a three-year local nutrition action plan.   

Provides a step-by-step guide to the NNC National and Regional Team of Planning Facilitators in implementing local planning and budgeting workshops in provinces and constituent LGUs nationwide.  The workshops aim to enable participating LGUs to develop working drafts of their nutrition situation, outcome targets, a set of PPAN-based programs and projects, estimated budget requirements, arrangements for organization and coordination, and a monitoring and evaluation strategy.  These drafts shall equip the LGUs with specific materials that can serve as inputs in integrating nutrition in the update / formulation of the CDP, LDIP and AIP.

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