nutriskwela community radio network

Radyo Kasanggahayan Logo Radyo Kasanggayahan 

DZNH-FM 95.1 MHz

Region V - Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

Radyo Kasanggayahan was established by the National Nutrition Council in partnership with the Sorsogon State College and the Sorsogon Broadcaster’s Cooperative in 2010 under Phase II of the Nutriskwela Community Radio Network Program.

In 2014, the partnership agreement was amended with the dissolution of the Sorsogon Broadcaster’s Cooperative and for the Sorsogon State College to assume the full operation and management of the station.

In 2018, upon mutual agreement by both NNC and Sorsogon State College, Radyo Kasanggayahan ceased operation as the station is no longer viable considering the availability of a number of commercial stations in the area.