5 JenoMr. Jeno Josef Figuracion, CNAO, Vigan City“If development has to happen, it must be for the people.”- This serves as the mantra of CNAO Figuracion in his role as the local nutrition action officer. This is because he believes that the local people are the ultimate goal of any development program such as in Nutrition.

Being the lead person in the overall implementation of the City Nutrition Action Plan of Vigan, he ensures that there is smooth coordination among the different stakeholders of Nutrition. He knows the importance of accurate assessment of data and good strategic planning in nutrition; thus, he consistently communicates with the advocates of nutrition, organizes the city nutrition committee and other stakeholders, and conducts various dialogues and planning workshops. He works closely with the Barangays, Non-government organizations, civic groups, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, National Nutrition Council, government agencies to ensure that there is delegation of responsibilities. 

Mr. Figuracion, to continually improve himself, has attended various training and seminars related to Nutrition. This is made evident in his innovative ideas and efforts in addressing malnutrition challenges in the city and in increasing society’s ability to contribute to the development of the community. One of his breakthrough projects is his Masters in Public Management Governance Innovation Report entitled “Functionality of the Barangay Nutrition Committee: A Tool to Improve the Barangay Nutrition Situation of Vigan”. The study focuses on assessing the 39 Barangays of Vigan on the implementation of their nutrition program. This has led to the development of more concrete strategies to assist barangays in their nutrition programs. The proposed programs and projects were already approved and were allotted budgetary requirements. One of its concrete results is the passage of the Ordinance No. 20 series of 2019 or “An Ordinance Mandating the Institutionalization of the Barangay Nutrition Committee in all Barangays in the City of Vigan” which strengthened the functionality of the BNCs.

Furthermore, he made sure that he is not only the one who is growing professionally but also the frontline staff for Nutrition. He continually conducts training for the BNS, CNC Members, BNC, BHWs, and other nutrition staff. He closely works with the NNC to partner with the available training and seminars that can be downloaded at the local level. He also served as a speaker, lecturer, and facilitator in various training activities both at the local and regional levels.

He is also an active officer of the Local Nutrition Officer Organization and is the current secretary who led his co-nutrition officers in terms of their personal, professional, and organizational growth.

To gauge the effectiveness of the nutrition programs, Mr. Figuracion ensured that monitoring and evaluation are being conducted. He introduced various ways of assessment such as the conduct of incentivized monitoring activities like Long Service BNS Award, Search for Best Oh My Gulay, Search for Best Nutrition Corner, Most Outstanding BNC, and others. He mobilized the BNS to be each other mentors and coaches to familiarize themselves with their roles as BNS and on their reports.

Overall, Mr. Figuracion is a man of excellence, resilience, and compassion. With his aim to fulfill his personal goal of uplifting the lives of the Biguenos aligned with the vision of the National Nutrition Council and the City Government of Vigan, he is exerting all his efforts and time. Being recognized or not, his greatest award is the reality that from years ago, improvement and change along the nutrition life of the Bigueño Families have been felt. The City Government of Vigan is proud of having him. His leadership as City Nutrition Action Officer has transformed Vigan City into a renowned healthy city of Ilocos Sur. His ability to motivate, influence, and develop the community has truly transformed the nutrition status of Vigan.