6 MyleneMs. Mylene Amano, CNPC of Vigan City - For the city to improve and sustain the health and nutrition services in Vigan, the city ensures good planning and regular monitoring and evaluation. This means that the citizens are not only involved in the decision-making but are also empowered to be accountable. CNPC Mylene takes the lead and continues to be one of the top caliber facilitators in the Planning Workshop among partners, stakeholders, and local nutrition committees of the city on health and nutrition.

One of the priorities of Ms. Amano as the City Nutrition Program Coordinator is local development. Thus, the majority of her activities focus on barangay development and nutrition program implementation for the BNSs’ and Barangays. She continues to assist the barangays in the crafting of their Barangay Nutrition Action Plan and the implementation of activities through mentoring and conduct of visitation dialogue. She also works with improving their skills and knowledge through the conduct of various capability training among the key implementers at the barangay level. 

Among all the advocacies conducted and facilitated by CNPC Amano, she is especially proud of the Bigueños Foundation via F1K Program (BFF Program). This is the result of her Governance Innovation Report entitled “Understanding the First 1000 Days of Life among Bigueño Children: An Approach to Prevent Stunting” during her study of Masters in Public Management in the Ateneo School of Government. This is a customized version of the First 1000 days program to address the stunting problem in Vigan. She introduced the BFF Tracker as one of the highlights of the program, this tracker lists important services that a beneficiary needs to undergo to complete the First 1000 days of Life. Also, being assigned as one of the special project coordinators of the City Health Office, she was able to utilize that platform to incorporate nutrition in all aspects of health activities, one of the notable projects is where she came up with an idea to create a cadre of peer facilitators for health, nutrition and mental health where adolescents from the public high schools in the city attended a three-day camp among where they were geared with knowledge on nutrition, population, and mental health. Program implementation is not a sole responsibility of Ms. Amano but she is taking a great role in the success of every activity. She innovates and she has created creative ways in the conduct of those activities.

Furthermore, CNPC Mylene greatly contributed to the crafting and implementation of different evaluation tools. She served as an evaluator in the conduct of various evaluation activities such as the Search for Outstanding BNS, Search for Best BNC, Search for Outstanding Barangay Health Boards, and others. She also monitors the progress of the BNSs’ on their reports and in their responsibilities through taking part in their monthly BNS Meetings. These evaluations, it has improved the city and its personnel to address its various nutrition challenges.

Ms. Amano has greatly contributed to the achievement of the city’s nutrition vision “Healthy Bigueños for a Heritage Community. She is keeping her promise, the privilege given to her by the people of Vigan in serving with integrity. The City Government of Vigan is proud of having her. She believes that her greatest reward is seeing the people of Vigan being empowered, being able to use their strength and knowledge in choosing the best for their families.