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NNC R2 assisted and provided technical assistance to Santiago City Nutrition Committee during their 2022 Training on Community Maternal Nutrition and Infant and Young Child  (MNIYCF) Feeding last 13-16 June 2022 held at Wilmer Hotel and Resort, Santiago City. The activity aimed to capacitate health and nutrition  workers in communities to promote proper maternal nutrition and IYCF.

It was attended by 50 BNSs, BHWS, midwives, and nurses of Santiago City. On the first day, NO III Arcinue presented Module 2: Importance of Health and Nutrition of the Mother and Child on the First 1000 Days of Life. He highlighted the health, nutrition, social services, and other services needed by the mother and children on the first 1000 days of life to achieve the child’s full potential. He also presented key points in the first 1000 days program. RNPC Lonzaga presented the Module 3: Maternal Health and Nutrition and highlighted the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy and lactation period. She ended the day by discussing module 4: Recommended IYCF Practices: Breastfeeding and discussed the proper breastfeeding positions, how to properly express breastmilk, and common issues and problems during breastfeeding.

NM Goes new normal

By Benjamin S De Yro

For the National Nutrition Council Region 2, there is no turning back as to the implementation  of its various programs and projects; pandemic or not.

In fact, this ‘ moving forward’ is manifested by this year’s  Nutrition Month Celebration, ‘New Normal na nutrisyon, Sama-samang Gawan ng Solusyon.”

The theme, says Maria Gisela Lonzaga, regional nutrition coordinator, calls for  a strengthened  nutrition intervention towards its improvement as the country shifts towards living with  Covid 19 virus.

It likewise signifies the key  role of nutrition in building resilience from pandemic to endemic paradigm. It should be recalled that since the onset of the deadly virus which paralyzed the world and  changed our perception of daily living, nutrition programs and projects in this country were disrupted.

This year’s celebration is significant  as it calls upon nutrition advocates to influence decision-makers to ensure that nutrition is part of the development agenda in the coming administration.

However, it netted positive impacts to the service delivery sector, home food production and increased awareness of the situation, among others. The pandemic made people  realized the importance of each other.


TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN----- The Regional Bantay Asin Task Force (RBATF) Region 02 planned to develop the Manual of Operations (MOPs) for Local Bantay Asin Task Force (LBATF) during the 2nd Quarter RBATF Meeting on 15 June at Taj Hotel and Resto/Bar, Tuguegarao City.

The Manual of Operation (MOP) is a documentation by which an organization provides guidance for members to perform their functions correctly and reasonably efficiently.

It is also a document that approved standard procedures for performing operations safely to produce goods and provide services.

“It’s high time that we develop our own Manual of Operations and hoping to be replicated by different local bantay asin task force in the country,” shared by Director Gomel Gabuna of FDA.

2022 NM

TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN----- The Balay ni IFAN Media Group will start disseminating the focus of 2022 Nutrition Month Celebration with a theme, "New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!"as agreed during the 2nd Quarter Meeting on 10 June 2022.

NO III Arcinue shared that the focus of 202 Nutrition Month is to raise the awareness of the importance of nutrition in building resilience and recovery from the pandemic; Stimulate discussions among stakeholders on how to build back better the design, delivery, and scale-up of nutrition interventions; and Engage various sectors and the public in activities that promote nutrition.

“We would like to emphasize the Good nutrition is key to building immunity, protecting against illness and infection, and supporting recovery. Efforts to preserve and promote proper nutrition must be part of pandemic resilience strategies,” NO III Arcinue shared during his presentation.

Balay ni IFAN media group agreed to Develop materials for information, education, and communication of nutrition messages to the public; Promote good and healthy nutrition practices in commonly consumed media like film and television, as well as digital media; Encourage the public to participate in national and local health and nutrition programs,; and Stop calling for donations of milk formula contrary to the Milk Code.


TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN----- The Regional Bantay Asin Task Force (RBATF) Region 02 conducted its 2nd Quarter meeting last 15 June 2022 at Taj Hotel and Resto/Bar, Tuguegarao City.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Maria Gisela M. Lonzaga, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator- NNC R02, expressed her appreciation and warmly welcomed the members for 2nd Quarter RBATF meeting. She also acknowledged the presence of Honorable Maria Olivia Pascual, Vice Mayor of Lal-lo, Cagayan, and FDA represented by Mr. Gomel C. Gabuna, Director II-FDA North Luzon Cluster. She appreciated the presence of Vice Mayor Pascual to present their municipality’s ordinance about strengthening RA8172.

She also emphasized the importance of strengthened partnership of DOH, NNC and FDA in the implementation of RA 8172 in the region.

IFAN 2nd

TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN----- The Balay ni IFAN Media Group held its 2nd Quarter Virtual meeting via blended approach last 10 June discussed its first semestral accomplishments, 2022 Nutrition Month Celebration, 2022 Nutrition Plugs and 2021 Continuing Appropriation.

Ms. Maria Gisela Lonzaga, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator-NNC R02, delivered the opening remarks and acknowledged the continuous efforts of the Balay ni IFAN Media group in the dissemination of nutrition and health-related information.

“The strong and committed Balay ni IFAN Media Group members gave an advantage to NNC R02 in disseminating nutrition and nutrition related information to the general public.” NPC Lonzaga shared.