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TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN---- Integrating NNC Core Values- Integrity, Zeal, Excellence, Sensitivity and Transparency, while improving personal performance and encouraging positive working environment, the National Nutrition Council conducted 2021 Team building and Year end celebration on 19-20 December at Kangaroo Beach Resort, Gonzaga, Cagayan.

The team building aimed to improve stress management in the workplace, enhance the positive culture of respect, trust, support, and open communication, and improve team performance and foster creativity. Currently, NNC R02 is composed of ten (10) staff in which two were hired in 2021.

In the technical session, Ms. Maria Rachel Miguel, Assistant professor IV of Cagayan State University- Carig Campus shared her expertise on the topic “Attaining optimum mental health and strong camaraderie through Stress Management”. She gave an interactive activity for the NNC staff and shared tips to manage stress. Also, she emphasized the importance of a good mental health in the work performance.

Presentation1By Benjamin S. De Yro

...That is the question as we usher in the Holidays because we are on a pandemic mode and woe unto those who would.

While the government has loosened a bit health protocols in some areas in the country,  one should always be on the look-out as another variant of the virus has just entered our shores.

For a country notoriously known as having the longest Christmas celebration in the world, caution should be on top of the Holiday lists. Covid19  could spread through gatherings and we are all vulnerable. As one of the world’s most hospitable races, we are tempted to receive visitors and friends as we are prone to visit them, too.

Food always topbills the season and without us realizing it, it can be dangerous. Check on the quality of food. It may not be stored properly, sufficiently cooked or prepared. Also, the quality of ingredients may not be as good which can lead to poisoning.

At times, there’s a barrage of activities, unplanned, food cooked outside of the lists.

While we savor our own kind of hospitality and warmth to our  families, relatives and friends, it would be wise to be safe and calm. Again, health protocols should be followed to the letter. The kind of ‘little sacrifices’ we make this season will protect us, our loved ones and our communities.

Yes, our goal is to ensure that we are still able to celebrate the season next year.


TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN-----Regional Bantay ASIN Task Force (RBATF) Region 02 recorded five shipments of inadequately iodized salt with a total of 2,840kgs as reported by Sta. Praxedes and Santa Fe Bantay Asin Checkpoint on 03 December 2021 during the joint 4th Quarter Meeting of RBATF and Balay ni IFAN Media meeting.

Manning the checkpoint for 24/7 in Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya, Mr. Orlando Pichay, was very happy with decline entry of inadequately iodized salt reported in their area.

“We are very glad that our efforts in informing our shippers about the importance of iodized salt are effective. Our serious enforcement of the ASIN Law in the region gave a strong signal to the traders that we are serious with our duty even amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” as we ask how he felt with no violation report.


TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN----- The Balay ni IFAN Media Group vowed for stronger and wider nutrition information dissemination for 2022 as shared during the 4th Quarter Joint meeting last 03 December 2021.

In her opening remarks Ms. Maria Gisela M. Lonzaga, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator- NNC R02, acknowledged the continuous efforts of the Balay ni IFAN Media group in the dissemination of Nutrition and Health related information.

“The Balay ni IFAN Media Group despite its busy schedule is actively participating in quarterly meetings and does its share in the dissemination of health and nutrition information to the general public particularly in this time when we should build the resilience of the populace against diseases and the pandemic.” NPC Lonzaga shared.


TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN----- The Regional Bantay Asin Task Force (RBATF) and Balay ni IFAN Media Group Region 02 conducted its 4th quarter joint virtual meeting, s. 2021 through Zoom Virtual Platform last 03 December 2021.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Maria Gisela M. Lonzaga, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator- NNC R02, acknowledged the presence of FDA represented by Mr. Gomel C. Gabuna, Director II-FDA North Luzon Cluster, and emphasized the importance of strengthened partnership of DOH, NNC and FDA in the implementation of RA 8172 in the region.

In addition, she acknowledged the continuous assistance of media members in dissemination of information related to Asin Law implementation. She also acknowledged the personnel in the Bantay Asin Checkpoints who continuously rendered services despite the risks of contracting COVID-19.


TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN----- “For 2022 we will now work hand in hand with NNC R02 to ensure only adequately iodized salt will enter the Cagayan Valley Region,” says Director Gomel C. Gabuna, Director II FDA North Luzon Cluster during the joint 4th Quarter Regional Bantay Asin Task Force meeting last 03 December 2021.

FDA has been a long-time partner and ally of RBATF R02 in the implementation of RA8172 especially during the early times of the law. The FDA partnered with NNC, DOH and other regional line agencies in conducting monitoring visits to salt producers in nearby regions to ensure the quality of salt sold and distributed to region 02.