Articlepic Online Workshop on Integragting Nutrition in the AIP

The National Nutrition Council Region 02 conducts two (2) batches of “Online Workshops on Integrating Nutrition in the 2021 Annual Investment Program (AIP) for Local Government Units (LGUs)” as part of its effort to scale up nutrition through ensuring that all Local Nutrition Action Plans (LNAPs) have fund allocations in the approved AIPs of LGUs. These workshops was held last 18-21 May 2021 for the first batch attended by Quirino Province and its municipalities and Cagayan Province and its selected municipalities, and 25-28 May 2021 for the second batch attended by the selected municipalities of Batanes and Isabela Provinces.

Honorable Vice Mayor Ronelie Valtoribio of LGU Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya gave inspirational message and highlighted the importance of the role of the LGUs in investing in nutrition especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Maria Gisela M. Lonzaga, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator of NNC Region 02 also highlighted the importance of investing in nutrition through her presentation entitled “ Investing in Nutrition in the New Normal” where she presented the negative effects of malnutrition at different level of the society and in economics, and what the LGUs should prioritize to combat malnutrition.

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Thyroid gland is an important organ that is found in front of the neck. Its role is to release and control thyroid hormones that is responsible in the regulation of the metabolism, a process that transforms food into energy that is used by the body for its daily activities.

There are several types of thyroid diseases. These include hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.  Hyperthyroidism is a condition when the thyroid gland produce excessive amount of thyroid hormone. This condition is usually caused by excessive iodine in the body and inflammation of the thyroid. Person who has hyperthyroidism may experience anxiety, irritability, nervousness, weight loss, goiter or enlarged thyroid gland and muscle weakness. Whereas hypothyroidism occurs when there is too little amount of thyroid hormone in the body. This is caused by iodine deficiency, non-functioning thyroid gland and inflammation. People with low thyroid hormone may experience fatigue, excessive weight gain and hoarse voice.

Furthermore, thyroid diseases may greatly affect pregnant women and their infants. Women with thyroid disease have difficulty in being pregnant and they also have a higher risk of miscarriage. They may also give birth to an infant with a low birth weight, poor cognitive performance and sometimes, with physical disabilities. These consequences would be a burden to children until they become adult. Thus, it is important to prevent having thyroid diseases before getting pregnant. Here are some important nutrients to maintain a healthy thyroid gland:

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CITY OF ILAGAN, ISABELA---- Department of Health – Center for Health Development Region 02 and National Nutrition Council Region 02 teamed up in the recently concluded online training on Nutrition in Emergencies (NIEm) last 17-21 May 2021 via Webex online platform.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Nerissa Mabbayad, ND IV-DOH R02, acknowledged the efforts of the LGUs who attended the training despite the ongoing COVID-19 response and vaccination activities in their locality.

“The willingness of the LGUs to learn concepts of NIEm is very overwhelming with the number of participants who are attending this online training. We hope that we can all use and apply our learnings if ever we will be experiencing emergencies or disasters in the future,” shared by ND Mabbayad.

The first day of the online training focus on the Module 1:  Overview of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) facilitated by Mr. Val-Aaron Taguinin, Nurse III- DOH R02 followed by the Cluster Approach in the DRRM and Nutrition Cluster at the national and local level shared by Ms. Maria Gisela M. Lonzaga, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator-NNC R02.

imageHypertension or high blood pressure is the top contributing risk factor for global health, causing strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications which is the top leading cause of death in the Philippines. There are ten million deaths due high blood pressure that is recorded each year. Thus, to prevent and control this disease, national hypertension awareness month is celebrated in May every year. The aim of the campaign is to educate and increase hypertension awareness among all Filipinos.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a serious condition wherein blood pressure is measured higher than normal (120/80). Elevated blood pressure can seriously damage important organs such as heart, brain, kidneys and eyes.  It may increase the person’s risk of having health problems such as heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Possible causes of having hypertension are unhealthy food choices and sedentary lifestyle. It is also called “silent killer” because it usually has no warning signs and symptoms thus many people who suffer from hypertension do not know they have it. This condition develops over time.

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CITY OF ILAGAN, ISABELA--------- The National Nutrition Council (NNC) Region 02 conducted the second batch of virtual orientation on the new Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation Protocol (MELLPI PRO) and Electronic Operation Timbang (e-OPT) Plus tools for municipalities of Batanes and some municipalities of other provinces last 12 May 2021 via Google meet.

The activity intended to orient all the nutrition workers in Region 02 on the updated MELLPI PRO and eOPT Plus tools. A total of 50 nutrition workers including Nutrition Action Officers (NAOs), District/City Nutrition Program Coordinators (D/CNPCs), Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNSs) and Nutritionist-Dietitians of Department of Health (DOH) were oriented during the second batch.

Ms. Maria Gisela Lonzaga, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator, welcomed the participants. She acknowledged the efforts of nutrition workers for the continuous delivery of health and nutrition services amid COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are very happy that despite the challenging internet connection, and at the same time the ongoing pandemic, the municipalities of Batanes took time to join this orientation. The E OPT Plus for acute malnutrition was develop was developed to be used for rapid assessment during emergencies like this covid 19 pandemic or during typhoons and floods. There are also added features of the E OPT Plus tool that will make it easier for health and nutrition workers to determine the results of the OPT with ease and accuracy. This will be beneficial especially in the planning and implementation of nutrition programs in your area.” said NPC Lonzaga.

NO III Edzell Arcinue gave a brief overview of the new MELLPI Pro and the Operation Timbang Plus Minimum Health Standards and NO II Frances Vea Valdez demonstrated and explained how to properly measure using the mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC).

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CITY OF ILAGAN, ISABELA-------- Radyo Kayvayvanan welcomes new Station Manager, Mr. Cresencio De Guzman- Administrative Officer IV-PLGU Batanes, who pledged to spearhead the operation of the Nutriskwela Community Radio Network, Radyo Kayvayvanan in its continuous nutrition information and advocacy to fellow Ivatans.

Mr. De Guzman replaced Dr. Roel Nicolas, the retired PHO-PNAO of the province of Batanes and former Station Manager. In an interview with ND III Arminda Ros Delatado, she shared that Mr. De Guzman reports daily at the radio station to monitor the continuous airing and programming of the station.

“Halos araw araw siyang nasa station despite the pandemic to check the anchor on board and the program to be played or to be broadcasted,” Ms. Delatado stated.

Radyo Kayvayvanan, despite hardly hit by Typhoon Ferdie and other typhoons, continues to operate through the 100 watts jampro antennae and still reached municipalities of Basco, Ivana and Mahatao.