04112022 NNC MIMAROPA orients the SUN Business Network in the region

National Nutrition Council MIMAROPA conducted the third leg of orientation series in relation to the organization of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Regional Network in MIMAROPA. This 11 April 2022, the business community were invited to join the orientation meeting of MIMAROPA SUN Business Network (SBN) via Zoom.

The series of meetings held since last 8 April 2022 with the academe and civil society organizations and this time with business entities is a response to the call for its expansion of SUN Network down to regional levels to ensure more sectoral engagement and investment for nutrition.

The online meeting was attended by three business entities in the region who heed the agency’s invitation. Businesses are recognized in playing a key role in nutrition through the use of their commercial operations, value chains, and social investment resources to improve nutrition. The business sector helps in problem solving and contribute innovation, knowledge, marketing capacity, technology, and advocacy.

Nutrition Officer III Camille Chen firstly introduced the National Nutrition Council as the highest policy-making and coordination body in nutrition in the country and its mandates while Nutrition Officer II Bianca Estrella discussed the alarming national and regional nutrition concerns to let them realize the need to scale up nutrition both at the national and regional scale emphasizing its effect in the country’s economy. Nutrition Officer I Sean Barredo then briefly presented the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition to identify the entry points that the business community can take action to contribute to the reduction of malnutrition in the region.

Further, NO III Chen comprehensively discuss the purpose of SUN Business Network highlighting the wide range of businesses that can play a direct role in supporting the goals of national nutrition strategies, from food companies to the non-food sector.

Towards the end of the meeting, a commitment from BACS Construction Services & Engineering Consultancy in Palawan represented by Ms. Lyn Beltran to serve as the representative of the SUN Business Network on the SUN 3.0 Regional Launching on 25 April 2022 was received.

NNC MIMAROPA hoped for strong commitment of the business sector and for its wider expansion of business entities joining the call in eliminating malnutrition in MIMAROPA region.

Written by: NO II Bianca Estrella