05 2022 Monitoring Visit at Marinduque


Province of Marinduque – PNFP Nichole Loyola conducted monitoring visit of Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (TKDSP) to all six (6) municipalities of Marinduque Province on 25-29 April 2022.

As the program commenced on 1 April 2022, issues and concerns were relayed and addressed to the regional focal person. Chairman Mr. Wilfredo Nazareno and General Manager Ms. Karren Sace of Bahi Agricultural and Fisheries Association (BAFA), the partner Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organization (ARBO) of the province, reported that procurement of dry commodities shall be procured on 26 April 2022 in preparation for the wet feeding on 1 May 2022. The ARBO will only cover 170 out of 196 beneficiaries as 26 beneficiaries from Santa Cruz will be under dry ration only for six (6) months. 

It was agreed that non-perishable food items like condiments will be delivered in two (2) batches. Thus, expiration dates should be checked thoroughly. Also, municipalities of Boac, Buenavista, Gasan, and Mogpog shall receive its perishable food items weekly while bi-weekly for the municipalities of Santa Cruz, and Torrijos.

Each municipal focal person was guided on how to accomplish the google form of commodity reporting by NNC CO. It has been emphasized that there must be one reporting per commodity – be it FNRI or ARBO supplies. It has been reminded to countercheck the daily monitoring form accomplished by BNSs as this shall be transferred to the google sheet file of NNC CO for live tracking. Further, as beneficiaries will be replaced in three (3) municipalities, an orientation and signing of informed consent forms for new beneficiaries must be conducted. 

Valuable feedback has been heard since implementation began. Beneficiaries finish quickly when Mingo Meals in Ube and Chocolate flavors are served; BNSs personally visit the beneficiaries at home to ensure that the commodities are consumed and finished; For BNSs with numerous beneficiaries, they are gathered at the barangay hall to monitor daily consumption; Quality and physical packaging of commodities are in good condition; and Improvements were seen on the weight of beneficiaries.

Finally, distribution of Pinggang Pinoy brochures for Adolescents and Adults, MUAC Tape for pregnant women, Manual on Nutrition in Emergencies for Local Government Units, and A Thematic Guide and Companion Document to the CDP Illustrative Guide were facilitated through the province and all municipalities.

NNC MIMAROPA commits to continue providing assistance to the Province of Marinduque in ensuring that the goal of Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (TKDSP) is met – reducing rate of stunting and wasting to children aged 0-23 months old. Documentary photos of the program implementation can be viewed here:

Written by: PNFP Nichole Loyola