05162022 Reorganization and Orientation of LNEWS FNS Team of Abra de Ilog

The Local Nutrition Early Warning System – Food and Nutrition Security (LNEWS-FNS) is a form of monitoring and analysis of collected data, such as food production, food prices, climate, and other factors, that could identify and address different problems, such as food and nutrition insecurity in the community.

The meeting covered a four-point agenda which includes the introduction to the National Nutrition Council (NNC), the overview of the LNEWS-FNS, the reorganization of LNEWS-FNS Team, and the submission of LNEWS-FNS reports.

The brief introduction about the NNC was discussed by NO I Barredo. It highlights the functions of the NNC as the country’s highest policymaking and coordinating body on nutrition, as well as its major strategic directions of strengthening policy and program advocacy.

This was followed by the overview of the LNEWS-FNS presented by NO III Chen. The importance of LNEWS-FNS was emphasized as it can provide timely warning and intervention and identify affected households and vulnerable areasThe implementation of the program in the municipality of Abra de Ilog was due to high prevalence of underweight and stunting in the area.

The third item discussed was the reorganization of the municipal core group of LNEWS-FNS. The team must be composed of five to seven members with a team leader acting as a presiding officer and members coming from the Municipal Agriculture Office, Municipal Health Office, Office of SB Chair on Agriculture, and Office of SB Chair on Health. Upon mobilization of the LNEWS municipal core group, the data collected from the tool system can be used as basis for SMART recommendations, project proposals, and promotional activities.

Lastly, the group was reminded of the accomplishment and submission of reports on time after quarterly monitoring for a more efficient consolidation of data.

Written by: NO I Sean Frances P. Barredo