2022 Meetings 2

Armed with a commitment to evaluate nutrition workers and observing minimum health standards and protocol, the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET) follow through with the 2022 Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation Protocol (MELLPI Pro) in the province of Romblon on 25-26 October 2022.

The team composed of NPC Blanco, PDO Lorelie Millares, RTWG Member Dennis de Ramos (DILG), PDOHO Krizia Mallari and Admin Aide V Floruis de uno Anies were welcomed by PNAO Lino Viola III, ND V Merely Bayang, and Ms. Carmencita Gumban.

In the afternoon, the MELLPI started with an opening prayer. NPC Blanco explained to the group the purpose of the MELLPI and reiterated that the evaluation is not to find faults but to provide technical assistance on improving nutrition program implementation of the province. After the short opening program, the team started to review the 2021 documents of the city using the MELLPI Pro Tool.

On the second day of the evaluation, the team had a courtesy visit to Romblon Governor Jose Riano first thing in the morning. NPC Blanco explained to the governor the purpose of the evaluation, she also thanked Governor Riano for always supporting nutrition programs in the province as well as being the RDC Chair, supporting policies of NNC MIMAROPA elevated at the RDC. She also requested the good Governor to create a separate nutrition office with additional plantilla positions. Gov. Riano assured that he will work on creating a separate office and additional plantilla positions in 2023. After the courtesy call, the team, then continued reviewing the 2021 documents of the province.

After the review of documents, a feedback conference which was attended by the members of the Provincial Nutrition Committee, to  wit: Col. Roselle Muros (Army), Al Fetalver (OPAG), DNPC Earl Mortel (PSWD), Mr. Teodoro Manza (PRC), DNPC Ara Magallon (PPDO), Ms. Amelie Mallen (PBO), Ms. Emily Fanoga (DepEd), Ms. Ivonn Chua (PROVET), Ms. Lorelie Managao (PTO), DNPC Lyn Mutia (OPAG), Ms. Nelly Taupo (PSWLR), SP Rubelyn Solis, SP Rachel Banares, PNAO Dr. Lino Viola, ND IV Ms. Marly Bayang and Ms, Carmencita Tuban.  NPC Blanco explained that the evaluation was conducted to assess and evaluate the implementation of various nutrition programs and then gave the recommendations of the team per dimension. 

In response, PNAO Dr. Lino Viola assured that with his leadership as the newly designated PNAO, he will work on the hiring of plantilla positions. He likewise committed to follow the recommendations of the team. SPs Bing Solis and SP Banares are committed to passing resolutions on nutrition to improve the implementation of nutrition programs. PNAO Dr. Viola thanked the team for very comprehensive and honest recommendations. NPC Blanco thanked everyone for their presence and active participation.

On 27 October 2022, NPC Blanco joined the meeting of the NAOs of Romblon, only 7 MNAOs out of 17 MNAOs were able to join the meeting because of the inclement weather, and sea transport was not possible. It was the first meeting of the newly designated PNAO Dr. Viola with the MNAOs. Early this year, with the designation of PHO Dr. Viola as the new PNAO, PNO was merged to PHO. During the courtesy call of NPC Blanco, she reiterated the need to separate back the PNO from PHO to be more focused on addressing malnutrition problems and ensuring efficient and effective implementation of nutrition programs in the province, with this, PNAO Viola shared with the MNAOs the commitment of Gov. Riano during our courtesy visit to work on bringing back a separate nutrition office with staff complement.  PDOHO ND Krizia Mallari also attended the meeting and apprised the group of various activities of CHD MIMAROPA.

NPC Blanco also gave PNAO Viola and the rest of the MNAOs a short overview of the Philippine Multisectoral Nutrition Program and various programs of NNC, a WHO, DOH, DSWD, and NNC Project. She apprised the group that 7 municipalities of Occidental Mindoro and 7 municipalities of Romblon are areas of the PMNP. Coordination meetings with these areas are being done by CHD and NNC MIMAROPA.

Written by: PDO I Lorelie Millares