UNICEF Nutrition Team with Nutrition Specialists Grace Funnell, Mueni Mutunga, Dr. Rene Galera and Paluku Bahwere had a courtesy visit at the Ministry of Health on 03 February 2023, together with MOH- Nutrition Division and NNC- BARMM.

The visit aims to understand operational and programmatic challenges and identify good practices in the implementation of PIMAM at the community level. Further, the team also discussed the upcoming operations research that will help  improve the coverage of the management of severe acute malnutrition through operations research questions, methods, and process.

 Existing problems contributing to malnutrition were also discussed MOH Minister Dr. Rizaldy L. Piang reiterated the need to address the problem holistically with commitment and dig deeper in assessing the contributory factors of malnutrition. MOH-Nutrition Division Chief, Ms. Celia Sagaral shared the Nutrition Governance implemented by ZFF in Basilan wherein the LCEs underwent a deep dive through community immersion  to assess the real situation at the household's level. NO III Hannah Farinah M. Lidasan and DMO II Xyndey Chrysanewor G. Campano were also present and shared the importance of organizing and mobilizing the Local Nutrition Committee to become responsive in their nutrition situation Lastly, Minister Rizaldy Piang said “Kung sisimulan natin ngayon, tapusin natin. Eliminate it.“ 

Author: NO III Hannah Farinah Lidasan and DMO II Xyndey Chrysanewor Campano