The Bangsamoro Economic and Development Council facilitated the Multisectoral Committee Meeting last 06 February 2023. To orient the participants on the upcoming 2nd Bangsamoro International Development Partners Forum (BIDPF), identify the areas that each sector would like international partners to consider in their programming in light of the emerging Bangsamoro Development Investment Program (BIDP) and Result Matrices (RM) and agree on preparations for the 2nd BIDPF.

Ms. Mags Z. Maglana facilitated the breakout sessions and workshop on Identifying Opportunities for Development Cooperation of the sectoral committees. It was followed by a plenary presentation of all the outputs of the committees.

DMO II Xyndey Chrysanewor Campano and Yzah Ariane Mamasakitaf NNC BARMM participated in the said workshop along with other committee members and representatives.


Author: DMO II Xyndey Chrysanewor Campano