Cotabato City, Philippines - A Joint Meeting with UNICEF Manila and Mindanao was held on September 7, 2022 at Paragon Hotel, Cotabato City. The meeting aims to brainstorm to determine gaps, challenges and concerns in nutrition program implementation and determine strategies and interventions that needs to be scaled-up to enhance the multi-sectoral nutrition program implementation. Also included in the agenda are the presentation of updates on UNICEF Global Nutrition Strategy, UNICEF support for Covid 19, Nutrition, WASH, and Risk Communication.  Further, the community engagement of UNICEF for the next 10 months was also discussed including its implementing partners for enhance partnership and collaboration.


 Allah {SWT} said: “Mothers shall breastfeed their children in two complete years…”                                                                                 {Surah Baqarah v 233}

Cotabato City.  The verse 233 is reflected in the Nutritional Guidelines for Muslim Filipinos developed by National Nutrition Council ARMM (now BARMM) together with Bureau of Madaris and Muslim Religious Leaders in 2016.  This ayah (verse) is an order from Allah {SWT} to the mothers for their infants to suckle or breastfeed the complete period of suckling, which is two years. Majority of Ulamas (Islamic Scholars) explains that the breastmilk is prepared food for the newborn and not to put burden to the parents. 

The Department of Health is mandated to lead by Senate Bill No. 2026, An Act Declaring the month of August of every year as “National Breastfeeding Awareness Month”, which this bill sought to promote awareness and practice of breastfeeding being superior in terms of advantages compared to bottle-feeding. This year’s theme is,” Sama-samang Itaguyod Tamang Kaalaman at Kalinga sa Pagpasuso”. This is focused on the importance of breastfeeding among 0-23 months old babies and advancing advocacy to support, protect, and promote breastfeeding to ensure that all mothers and/or caregivers have the opportunity to breastfeed.

The WHO and UNICEF jointly recommend the early initiation of breastfeeding within 1 hour from birth; exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life; and introduction of nutritionally adequate and safe complementary (solid) foods at 6 months together with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond.

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Cotabato City. Dr. Kadil M. Sinolinding Jr. of National Nutrition Council BARMM meets with Nutrition Specialist Juliane Friedrich and Mishael Argonza, Head of World Food Programme in Cotabato.  The meeting aims to have a brief but realistic initial assessment of BARMM's nutritional situation including the regional efforts to address high rate of malnutrition in the region being the highest in the country.

Both Argonza and Friedrich opened the possibility of long-term support and partnership between BARMM and the WFP in terms of technical assistance and other related areas of cooperation. Since 2018, WFP have been working vigorously with Regional Nutrition Committee on the formulation of 1st RPAN for ARMM.

NMartcile Upi

July 26, 2022. Nuro Upi Maguindanao."Fiyo gefewen" we were greeted with beaming smiles in their colorful traditional costumes.

Nutrition was not taken for granted. Instead, the LGU led activities for people to support rallying behind every family’s contribution to lessen the burden of malnutrition of the two municipalities. According to Mayor Reynalbert O. Insular of South Upi, it shall be my legacy as I close my second term as the head of the town.  With Ministry of Health at the lead, the local 2021 OPT data has proved to be a testament of successful nutrition intervention of the locality.

Going north, former Mayor Ramon Piang Sr. insists that food security and provision of excellent health and nutrition services are the key to battle diseases, hunger and ill effects of malnutrition. The Local Government Units took a bold step to introduce trailblazing interventions including "UH My Gulay" program obliging local people to plant, nurture, produce, and eat their own vegetable products. There is no solicitation of vegetables but barter is allowed according to Mr. Paulo Tagara, the local administrator. With these, everybody becomes self-sufficient and reliant even in the midst of pandemic. Incumbent Mayor Rona Piang-Flores vowed to support and strengthen nutrition related programs through local action plans.

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May 24, 2022. Cotabato City. NNC BARMM Program Coordinator Dr. Kadil M. Sinolinding Jr. joined the launching of Beta Carotene-Rich Rice organized by Philippine-Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) to aid in the combat against Vitamin A Deficiency named GOLDEN RICE.

The meeting was facilitated by Department of Agriculture (DA-PhilRice) headed by Dr. Ronan Zagado the Golden Rice Program Coordinator with Aileen Garcia, Ellen Villate, and Raul Buncodin of International Rice Research Institute (IIRI). Present also were representatives from Ministry of Health , Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform, Bangsamoro Information Office, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, National Nutrition Council BARMM and the National Food Authority.


July 5, 2022. Cotabato City.  "It's all about talent, health and nutrition" exclaims Dr. Kadil JoJo Sinolinding Jr. on the importance of success in sports addressing hundreds of young basketball enthusiasts vying for a slot in the selection process.  Thru proper diet and well-balanced nutrition, daily intake of vitamin and mineral rich foods, healthy lifestyle: avoidance of vices like smoking drugs and alcohol; high energy activities like exercise, outdoor activities, and sports; adequate daily hydration of body, and proper training with emphasis on personality development and attitude building are the focus of the lecture. He stressed further, "Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Manny Pacquiao and other sports legends didn’t see success overnight. It was a continuous struggle to be a champion in all aspects and an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their talents."