CulminationCotabato City. The Bangsamoro Regional Nutrition Committee concluded this year’s Nutrition Month on August 03, 2021 at Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex ,Bangsamoro Goverment Center, Cotabato City via blended platform. 

The event was attended  by the RNC member agencies, Provincial Health and  Nutrition Offices,  School Health and Nutrition Division of the Ministry of Basic Higher and Technical Education and development partners.

National Nutrition Council Assistant Secretary and Executive Director Dr. Azucena M.  Dayanghirang, emphasized the region needs to scale up its nutrition intervention through engagement with Local Government Units and other stake holders to combat malnutrition.

The highlights of this year's culmination program includes the messages from the RNC Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons expressing their full support and commitment in integrating nutrition programs and activities  in the ministries respective mandates and goals.

ICM article

Cotabato City. The Bangsamoro Regional Nutrition Committee headed by the Office of Chief Minister and National Nutrition Council BARMM begins the 47th Nutrition Month with a Kick-off Motorcade on July 5, 2021. This year's Nutrition Month campaign aims to emphasize the importance of First 1000 days and raise awareness on issues and concerns, encourage various stakeholders to participate and engage in nutrition related activities.

From the Bangsamoro Government quadrangle, taking the main streets of Cotabato City in a loop, Dr. Sinolinding Jr., the region's Nutrition Head led the 30 car convoy representing various ministries and agencies that comprise the Regional Nutrition Committee. Participants proudly displayed their 47th Nutrition Month shirts, masks, balloon, flags and banners of their respective offices.

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Cotabato City. "Doc ano ba to?" is the first of it's kind featuring on- line and on- text consultation on various diseases affecting the listeners. It also provides update on the latest news about COVID 19 either locally and nationwide. For months now, the focus of discussion pertains to malnutrition and it's ill effects to infants and children amidst the landemic, in addition to kther topics related to maternal and child care. Anchored by Dr. Kadil M. Sinolinding Jr., DPBO, NNC Regional Nutrition Program Coodinator, and Radyoman Michael Suan, it is aired daily from 8:00 AM - 9: 00 AM, Monday to Friday.

The segment aims to augment IATF information drive, health updates on various common diseases in BARMM thru tele-consultations by way of SMS, FB live platform, and phone calls.  Nutrition information and campaign is regularly emphasized. Recently, NPC Sinolinding shared the new PPAN project to mitigate hunger and malnutrition called Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program. As said, "Lahat kasali, Lahat kasalo" encourages the active participation and involvement of the LGU through their local Nutrition Committee and interventions.

28 municipalities of four provinces under BARMM were targeted in the Phase 3 of Tutok Kainan Program. Halina, salo-salo na tayo.

Author: NPC Kadil M. Sinolinding Jr., DPBO


Bangsanoro Government - Office of the Chief Minister, Project TABANG

The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Chief Minister Ahod “Al-Haj Murad” Ebrahim, initiated the creation and conduct of Project TABANG or Tulong Alay sa Bangsamorong Nangangailangan, to fulfill the Bangsamoro government's pledge to help its constituents in the grassroots and bring the government closer to the people.

The Project TABANG, launched in September 2019, is a humanitarian project created to ease the situation in the Bangsamoro communities through provision of immediate direct services to the Bangsamoro people, particularly those who are living in poverty and affected by calamities and conflicts.

MENRE article

Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy-BARMM

Cotabato City. The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy (MENRE) launched the Kayod ka Bangsamoro or ‘KKB’ last April 21, 2020, which was created during the growing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the availability and supply of food. The KKB is a livelihood component of the Integrated Bangsamoro Greening Program (IBGP). BARMM Senior Minister and concurrent MENRE Minister Abdulraof A. Macacua, supported the program with the issuance of memorandum on massive food production on forest areas suitable for vegetable gardening and short-term cash crop production.

The Integrated Bangsamoro Greening Program aims to ensure a self-reliant and food-secure region through ‘Kayod ka Bangsamoro’. It encourages massive food production activities such as short-term cash crop and vegetable gardening, small-scale orchard or fruit-bearing trees establishment, and forage planting for livestock. And MENRE encourages establishing ‘survival gardens’ in the backyards of their homes to supplement their family’s source of food. This intervention intends to augment food production and secure good nutrition of every Moro family amidst the pandemic in line with the call of the national government through National Nutrition Council and the Task Force Zero Hunger Tutok Kainan.


Cotabato City. National Nutrition Council–BARMM holds the 1st virtual meeting for the old and newly hired Human Resource for Health – Nutritionist-Dietitian Deployment Program and Nutrition Officers of Maguindanao Province via Google Meet last 21 June 2021 at 9:00AM to 12:00NN.

The meeting objectives are: 1. To reiterate the focus of Roles and Functions of HRH-NDDPs and Nutrition Officers, assist in the implementation of Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022 programs, and ensures the implementation of nutrition programs in the Local Government Units; 2. Update in the new Area of Assignments covering the 36 Municipalities of Maguindanao; 3. Updates on the Functionality of the Local Nutrition Committees  and numbers of Barangay Nutrition Scholars; 4. Discuss the steps in using the new version Electronic-OPT Tool; 5. Share the 2021 Nutrition Month objectives, target audiences and its key messages and support strategy from different stakeholders; and 6. Discuss the overview of the Tutok Kainan Supplementation Program.