PDI PlannigWS 2022Surigao City- As part of the over-all local government unit (LGU) mobilization strategy in scaling up nutrition, the National Nutrition Council Caraga region conducted a three (3)-day Planning Workshop on Integrating Nutrition in Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP), Comprehensive (CDP), and Local Development Investment Programs for Local Government Units known as the "Local Nutrition Action Planning Workshop" for the Province of Dinagat Islands on 14-16 September 2022  at the Almont Beach Resort, Lipata, Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte.

A total of fifty (50) participants from eight (8) municipalities, including the province attended the said planning workshop. Each LGU or planning Core team is composed of Nutrition Action Officer, Municipal Health Officer, Municipal Budget Officer, Planning and Development Coordinator and Officer, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer, SB on Health and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK), and Municipal Administrator.

During her message, UNICEF Philippines Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, Ms. Kristine Angeli Gimongala, shared that UNICEF Philippines is hopeful that the planning workshop will bring a well-thought nutrition action plan and will benefit the constituents of the LGUs and the province. This will be more beneficial especially the children who are suffering from malnutrition.

Childhood Cancer Awareness SeptemberThe International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by highlighting the global burden of childhood cancer and IARC's efforts to prevent and treat childhood cancer worldwide.

Cancer is a disease in which some cells of the body grow uncontrollably and spread throughout the body. Environmental or genetic factors may have a factor, although the great majority of childhood cancers have unknown causes (WHO, 2021).

Leukemia, brain cancers, lymphomas, and solid tumors including neuroblastoma and Wilms tumors are the most prevalent types of childhood cancer (WHO, 2021). Common signs and symptoms include unexplained weight loss, frequent bruising and pallor, persistent fever, the presence of lumps or swelling, unexplained localized pain or limping; frequent headaches, frequently accompanied by vomiting; and unexpected eye or vision alterations (DOH, n.d).

Last 2020, almost 280,000 children and adolescents (aged 0–19 years) were diagnosed with cancer worldwide and almost 110 000 children died from cancer, according to the estimates made by IARC Global Cancer Observatory.

Many of the preventive ways is through having a healthy diet emphasizing fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that contain carcinogens such as processed meat, burnt foods, overcooked foods and fried foods as this can increase the risk of some types of cancer. However, cancer may not be prevented especially if it is genetic but it can be treated. The treatment and care of children cancer involves a multidisciplinary team to provide not only medical therapy for the child, but also psychosocial support for the entire family.

CRH Adopt a Project 2022Surigao City– On September 16, 2022, Purok-3, Barangay Canlanipa, Surigao City served as the launch location for the Adopt-a-Community Project of the Caraga Regional Hospital's Department of Family and Community Medicine with the theme: “Himsog na Pamilya, para sa Himsog na Komunidad”.

The project, which will last for two years, is intended to offer fundamental services that are necessary for improving nutrition and health. The project team is trying to assist families in achieving at least a near-normal nutritional status in the area because of its high rates of severe acute malnutrition.

Joel A. Cambalon, the barangay captain of Canlanipa, expressed his gratitude for the initiative and expressed his hope that in the near future there would be no more malnourished children within barangay Canlanipa and would achieve healthy community.

The UNICEF Representative, Kristine Angeli Gimongala, Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, said that the Adopt-a-Community program is not a charity. This wasn’t given out of pity. She added that this is given because this is what is due, with due help from all those who can.

Santiago MNAO 2022Butuan City- On 12 September 2022 at 3rd Floor Santiago Government Center Building, Santiago, Agusan del Norte the Regional Evaluation Team (RNET) visited the outstanding Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) of the Province of Agusan del Norte.

The 56 years old Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO), Ms. Belen Estrosos, is a devoted wife and mother of two children as well as a caring grandmother of three grandkids.

Since 1997, Ms. Estrosos had worked for the municipality as a designated and regular employee with the responsibility of interacting with senior citizens. Despite having an education degree, she hasn't been in a teaching field since 1991. After serving for eight years, she came to the conclusion that helping others makes her happy and satisfied than teaching.

On 2014, she began serving as the Municipal Nutrition Action Officer at the Municipality of Santiago Agusan del Norte. MNAO Estrosos is in charge of nine barangays in her capacity as the MNAO. She campaigns on exclusive breastfeeding in mothers, pinggang pinoy, and 10 kumainments on coastal and rural areas that implement home gardening to meet their daily needs. These initiatives are carried out with the assistance of barangay nutrition scholars.

Generics Month Sept 2022The month of September is known as the Generics Awareness Month. The event celebrates the passing of the law – the Generics Act of 1988 or Republic Act No. 6675 which guarantees all Filipinos affordable and effective medications.

The 2008 Cheaper Medicines Act amended the Generics Act to require pharmaceutical companies to make generic drugs widely available. By requiring doctors to include both generic and brand names on prescriptions, the law promotes low-cost, high-quality alternatives to branded drugs.

The Cheaper Medicines Act of 2008 amended sections of the Generics Act and now requires pharmaceutical companies to manufacture, distribute, and make generic drugs widely available.

PDI visit Sept PajulasButuan City- In relation to post Typhoon Odette’s monitoring and reporting of the implementation of the cluster strategy and results, NNC Caraga’s newly hired Information Management Officer (IMO) for the Province of Dinagat Islands (PDI), Ms. Angelica Pajulas was introduced to Municipal Nutrition Action officers (MNAOs) and Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) Ms. Joanna Jessica Yasay of PDI on 5-6 September 2022.             

The meeting was together with UNICEF Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, Ms. Kristine Angeli Gimongala and Provincial Nutrition Focal Point (PNFP) for PDI, Ms. Jann Abigail Portillas. The IMO will support and provide relevant and up-to-date information for updating the nutrition in emergency strategic plan with emphasis on cluster achievements, results, and lessons learned from Typhoon Odette's response, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Additionally, PNFP Portillas conducted a short orientation on Tutok Kainan- Dietary Supplementation Program. In a visit in the Municipality of Tubajon, the group was given an opportunity to discuss the TK-DSP, its objectives and components during its Municipal Nutrition Committee meeting. The same orientation was provided to municipalities particularly to the Office of the Mayor with the presence of the Municipal Administrator.