rtwg resolution 2016Unhealthy diets and physical inactivity causes overweight and obesity, which are also forms of malnutrition. These forms of malnutrition are strongly associated with having NCDs particularly type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and cancer. The leading causes of mortality in Caraga region include hypertensive cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and renal diseases.

To respond to the emerging problem on overnutrition, Caraga’s Regional Nutrition Committee (RNC) with the assistance of the Regional Nutrition Technical Working Group (RNTWG) wanted to improve health and quality of life of Caraganons through adoption of desirable dietary practices and healthy lifestyle. RNTWG drafted two Regional Nutrition Resolutions, resolutions on intensifying healthy lifestyle campaign among the populace through the member agencies of Caraga regional nutrition committee (RNC) and other stakeholders and resolution on enjoining the member agencies of Caraga Regional Nutrition Committee (RNC) and other stakeholders to limit the serving of carbonated soft drinks and juices containing high sugar in office canteens and during conduct of meetings, trainings and other similar activities. These resolutions were approved by the Regional Nutrition Committee Chairperson, Director Jose R. Llacuna. The RNTWG wanted to raise these resolutions to the Regional Development Council and to disseminate it to the local government units.

The members of RNC also advocates the 10 Kumainments, the popular version of the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos to promote positive nutrition practices to prevent malnutrition and encourage healthy lifestyle among the Filipinos. 10 Kumainments are simple and easy to remember guidelines that can be easily followed.