bayugan nutmomnthThe local government in Bayugan City celebrated the 43rd Nutrition Month and conducted a "Saktong Iodine sa Asin" Sangkap Pinoy  Diamond Seal Launching last July 28, 2017 in Bayugan City Gymnasium.  It was participated by the different members of the City Nutrition Committee (CNC), students, parents and teachers from various schools. The celebration started with motorcade and Zumba exercise. The City Nutrition Office also coordinated with the Bayugan City Division on the different contest such as cooking contest, poster making contest, quiz ball, jingle contest and pinoy henyo for the parents. NNC Caraga NO II Karlyn Rose B. Panes attended as the resource speaker on the 2017 Nutrition Month Theme " Healthy Diet Gawing Habit for Life". She gave emphasis on the principles of healthy diet and its importance. She also added some tips on how to promote healthy diet in different settings.

The Bayugan City Nutrition Committee also showed their support on the campaign of enough level of iodine in the salt through the unveiling of "Saktong Iodine sa Asin" Diamond Seal during the Nutrition Month Celebration.  The ceremonial unveiling strengthens and revitalized the existing Sangkap Pinoy seal. The quality seal will serve as a guide to consumers in identifying and purchasing adequately iodized salt. Salt sold in the market should have at least 30 to 70 ppm level of iodine to be considered as adequately iodized. Iodine is an essential micronutrient and component of thyroxin which control normal functioning of the brain and body. 

Author: NO II Panes/NO III Vargas