CNAC NPCTandagTandag City- In a message delivered during the City Nutrition Awarding Ceremony on 25 November 2021, Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Nino Archie S. Labordo appealed to the City Nutrition Committee of Tandag and the 21 Barangay Nutrition Committees to continue the implementation of the first 1,000 days as one of the very effective strategies in malnutrition reduction.

The first 1,000 days is the period from conception to a child’s first two years of life. It is considered as the golden window of opportunity for the child to attain full potential in the different aspects of development. The program aims to strengthen the delivery of key interventions on health, nutrition, social services and early learning to help in the achievement of optimum growth and development of the child.

Further, Dr. Labordo mentioned that to attain the purpose of the First 1,000 days program, the City of Tandag shall incorporate activities and strategies that encompasses the whole package of the program including the enactment of related policies at the local level.

Likewise, he lauded the City Nutrition Office (CNO) that despite the very challenging situation in 2020 and 2021, the CNO with the dynamic leadership of the City Nutrition Chairperson, Mayor Roxanne C. Pimentel mobilized the implementation of the maternal nutrition and infant young child feeding across the different barangays of the city.

Additionally, Dr. Labordo mentioned that If pregnant mothers are well nourished, children 0-24 months old are given health, nutrition and social services, early learning within the context of early childhood care and development, then a better chances of child’s fullest potential can be achieved. # NASLabordo