Holiday Tip 2011The celebration of hope, faith and love is incomplete without feasting on food prepared by family’s secret recipe. Fatty foods such as lechon, sweet glazed ham, fruit cake, afritada, kaldereta, spaghetti, leche flan and ube jam, ice cream, cakes and the likes will surely delight the tummies of everyone without reservation.

Christmas holidays is sweetest time of the year. It is spending quality time with the family and loved ones.   Festive foods are served everyday but be careful, the National Nutrition Council encourages everyone to take in moderation. The office reminds 10 kumainments and pinggang pinoy which reminds us on "hinay-hinay sa maalat, mamantika, at matatamis”

This reminder is not only for holiday’s but in all occasion of the year. And the advice is to eat in moderation because everything that is too much is bad for our health and will likely to develop non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer in the future. Hence, the celebration of love and peace during holiday seasons is more meaningful and still enjoyable as long as we eat and feast in moderation without worrying the NCDs.

The Department of Health and the National Nutrition Council would recommend some healthy tips these holidays and beyond;

  • Avoid too much fatty, salty, and sugary foods. Foods high in fats include dairy products, fatty meat & poultry, and processed foods (e.g. burgers, sausages, pastry, pies, & cakes). These foods have to be taken less often and in smaller amounts only. Cut down on sugar-sweetened beverages and drink more water or no added sugar drinks. If you love eating sweets and have a hard time preventing yourself from eating one, try to gradually cut sugar out of your diet. You can also try eating unsalted snacks such as plain popcorn or plain nuts.
  • Make sure to properly check the meat and fish to avoid diarrhea and food poisoning. Foods that are not properly cooked or processed have a high risk of causing food poisoning. Maintain clean food preparation practices and ensure to cook meat & fish thoroughly before eating.
  • Read the food label and its expiration date carefully. Consumers should always take into consideration the expiration date of a product when buying. A product that is already past its expiration date even if it still looks & smells fine should no longer be consumed, for health & safety reasons.

Following these easy tips will not only give you the healthy diet that you need but it will also make your new year a nutritious one. Have a blessed new year everyone! #NASLabordo