Sulfelix Rosario 2022One of the contenders for 2022 Search for Caraga Regional Outstanding City/Municipal Nutrition Action Officer is the 9-year Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) of the Municipality of Rosario, Ms. Fe Vergara Sulfelix.

The 47-year old MNAO was evaluated by the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET) on 6 September 2022 at the RHU Building of the Municipality of Rosario, Agusan del Sur. Part of the evaluation process were validation of documents and a panel interview.

MNAO Sulfelix previously worked at the Barangay Office of Barangay Wasian, Rosario as Barangay Secretary for ten (10) consecutive years before taking the board and became a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian.

Upon receiving the professional license, she applied as Municipal Nutrition Action Officer and was appointed on August 2013.

In her sphere of being the MNAO, she coordinated and provided a strong structure of Municipal Nutrition Committee with 19 active members. As the secretariat of the committee, she initiates the MNC meetings, prepares and presents the agenda to the MNC Chairperson, acts as the focal person of Dietary Supplementation Program (DSP) funded by the municipal government, and provides technical assistance to the sixteen (16) Barangay Nutrition Scholars from eleven (11) barangays of the municipality.

Furthermore, it is through her efforts that the municipality conducts a yearly local nutrition action planning workshop with the Municipal Nutrition Committee members and 11 Barangay Nutrition Committees.

Based on her experience, the easiest and most difficult nutrition program to implement is both under the nutrition-specific programs. The easiest for her is the program on Infant and Young Child Feeding & First 1000 Days while the hardest is the Nutrition in Emergencies program.

Along with her greatest accomplishment is the continuous reduction of malnutrition rate in the municipality and the strong structure of the Municipal Nutrition Committee with highly cooperative members.

Working hard as the MNAO for the past 9 years until now with an item of Nutrition Officer I, she perceived herself deserving to be a Nutrition Officer II in the municipality to increase the resources available for nutrition agenda and to collaborate with more partners and stakeholders.#LCJAbian/NASLabordo