Childhood Cancer Awareness SeptemberThe International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by highlighting the global burden of childhood cancer and IARC's efforts to prevent and treat childhood cancer worldwide.

Cancer is a disease in which some cells of the body grow uncontrollably and spread throughout the body. Environmental or genetic factors may have a factor, although the great majority of childhood cancers have unknown causes (WHO, 2021).

Leukemia, brain cancers, lymphomas, and solid tumors including neuroblastoma and Wilms tumors are the most prevalent types of childhood cancer (WHO, 2021). Common signs and symptoms include unexplained weight loss, frequent bruising and pallor, persistent fever, the presence of lumps or swelling, unexplained localized pain or limping; frequent headaches, frequently accompanied by vomiting; and unexpected eye or vision alterations (DOH, n.d).

Last 2020, almost 280,000 children and adolescents (aged 0–19 years) were diagnosed with cancer worldwide and almost 110 000 children died from cancer, according to the estimates made by IARC Global Cancer Observatory.

Many of the preventive ways is through having a healthy diet emphasizing fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that contain carcinogens such as processed meat, burnt foods, overcooked foods and fried foods as this can increase the risk of some types of cancer. However, cancer may not be prevented especially if it is genetic but it can be treated. The treatment and care of children cancer involves a multidisciplinary team to provide not only medical therapy for the child, but also psychosocial support for the entire family.

Access to effective diagnosis, needed medication, and treatment will be expensive, but we can help by donating or contribute funds. We will not allow this cancer to hinder a child's hope for the future. A child or adolescent can still enjoy more of what life has to offer in the near future if they are brave enough to fight. However, we cannot deny that battling alone is hard.

Patients with childhood cancer suffer not only physical weakness, but also a loss of will to fight. Therefore, children need our help and comfort that they are not alone. Through our helping hands it can give hope to those children whose lives are uncertain because of cancer. Let’s give them a chance to live out their dreams.#RRBacalso/NASLabordo




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