Cooking Demo ADS Sept 2022Prosperidad, ADS– The Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur through the Provincial Nutrition Committee in collaboration with National Nutrition Council Caraga facilitated the conduct of the 3-day Training on Idol ko si Nanay to nutrition program implementers of the province.

The training was conducted on 27-29 September 2022 at the Provincial Learning Center, Provincial Capitol, Agusan del Sur.

Forty-one (41) health and nutrition workers from the municipalities of Bunawan, Esperanza, La Paz, Rosario, San Francisco, San Luis, Sta. Josefa, Sibagat and Talacogon attended the training.

OIC-RNPC Niño Archie S. Labordo discussed the guidelines of participatory cooking demonstration during the second day of the training. The guidelines highlighted the preparation of common food recipe appropriate for complementary feeding such as lugaw and ginisang monggo. Moreover, it emphasized the participation of the mothers and caregivers all throughout the cooking demonstration. This will serve as a guide on proper complementary feeding with its principles – timely, adequate, properly fed and safe.

Counselling IKSN Sept 2022Prosperidad, ADS – In an effort to further improve the advocacy and counseling skills of the nutrition workers of the Province of Agusan del Sur, a discussion and return demonstration on Infant and Young Child Feeding Counseling was conducted.

The activity was a part of the Idol ko Si Nanay Training Sessions held at the Provincial Learning Center, Provincial Capitol, Agusan del Sur on 27-29 September 2022.

OIC-RNPC Niño Archie S. Labordo discussed the basic skills on counseling and its importance in the advocacy function of the nutrition workers, especially of the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS). In order to counsel effectively, OIC-RNPC Labordo emphasized the three (3) steps for effective counseling – Assess, Analyze and Act.

Assessment is the first step to effective counseling, an ability to let the individual talk about their current situation comfortably. In order to achieve this, the counselor must possess the skill to listen and learn at the same time by using helpful non-verbal communication, asking open questions, using responses and gestures which show interest, reflecting back to what the mother says, empathizing and avoiding words that sound judging.

Newborn 2022The National Nutrition Council -Caraga joins the first week of October in celebration of the National Newborn Screening Week, as mandated by Republic Act 9288, or also known as "The Newborn Screening Act of 2004." The celebration aims to promote early detection and management of several congenital conditions that, if left untreated, can result in mental retardation or death.

Newborn screening (NBS) is a vital public health strategy that enables the early detection and management of a number of congenital disorders. Early detection of these diseases will result in early treatment, which can improve health outcomes and aid in ensuring normal growth and development. Moreover, an early diagnosis and initiation of treatment, as well as the provision of appropriate long-term care, contribute to the affected person's normal growth and development.

In the Philippines, NBS has been an integral component of routine newborn care since 1996. Initially, the Newborn Screening program in the Philippines only screened for six disorders: congenital hypothyroidism (CH), congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), phenylketonuria (PKU), glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency, maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), and galactosemia (GAL). However, according to the Department of Health (DOH) Administrative Order No. 2014-0045, the National Comprehensive Newborn Screening System (NCNSS) has increased the screening panel from six (6) to twenty-eight (28) additional disorders.

SK PDI Planning 2022The National Nutrition Council Caraga conducted a three-day Planning Workshop on Integrating Nutrition in Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP), Comprehensive (CDP), and Local Development Investment Programs for Local Government Units known as the "Local Nutrition Action Planning Workshop" for the Province of Dinagat Islands on 14-16 September 2022 at Almont Beach Resort, Lipata, Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte.

There are a total of fifty (50) participants from eight (8) municipalities, including the province whom attended the said planning workshop. To widen the reach of nutrition programs, NNC Caraga also invited participants from Sangguniang Kabataan or SK. In response, two SK Federation officers from the Municipalities of Basilisa and Libjo heeded the invitation and participated in the workshop.

According to the Republic of the Philippines Commission on Elections Book III – Title One – Chapter 8 Section 426, one of the functions of the Sangguniang Kabataan is to Initiate programs that are beneficial to the members.

On the nutrition agenda, one of the silent contributors of malnutrition is teenage pregnancy. In Caraga region, 2337 cases of teenage pregnancy were recorded in the first quarter of 2022, while there are 2081 cases of teenage pregnancy in the second quarter of 2022 based on the data tallied from Commission of Population Development Caraga.

MAYGATASANMs. Levemae J. Tanjay, a 29-year-old Barangay Nutrition Scholar, born on November 19, 1992, is one of the contenders in this year's search for the Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar in Caraga region.

BNS Tanjay is married to a loving husband and blessed with two children. Before she became a BNS, she was a collector and a student at the same time. She took the education course at Agusan del Sur College (ADSCO) and graduated last July 2020. She plans to take the licensure examinations for teachers this October 2022.

For ease of reporting, the veteran BNS of the Barangay requested an additional BNS who is computer-literate. With this request, in 2019, Ms. Leve Mae Tanjay was appointed as one of the Barangay Nutrition Scholars of Barangay Maygatasan, Bayugan City.

Idol ko ADS Sept 2022Prosperidad, ADS– A total of forty-one (41) nutrition implementers composed of Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) with their Municipal Nutrition Action Officers (MNAOs), nurses, midwifes, pharmacists and nutrition staff completed the Training on Idol ko si Nanay Learning Sessions.

The 3-day training was held at the Provincial Learning Center, Provincial Capitol, Agusan del Sur on 27-29 September 2022.

Local Government Units (LGUs) that participated in the training included the Municipalities of Bunawan, Esperanza, La Paz, Rosario, San Francisco, San Luis, Sta. Josefa, Sibagat, Talacogon and Trento.

The training was focused on the first 1000 days of life, from conception until the second birthday of a child, which is considered as the “golden window of opportunity” for a child to achieve his or her full potential. The learning sessions provided the participants with information on good maternal nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum combined with proper newborn, infant and young child feeding practices. Also included in the sessions are the continuum of Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) services, such as early child learning and child’s protection and rights.