ECCD F1KBUTUAN City- Technical Working Group (TWG) on the Early Childhood Care and Development for the First 1,000 Days (ECCD-F1KD) Program convened today 4 November 2021 virtually via Zoom platform.

The group shared updates on the preparation for the implementation of Dietary Supplementation Program (DSP)-Tutok Kainan in the areas of Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Norte. Likewise, updates on the Philippine Multi-sectoral Nutrition Project PMNP-KUMAIN was included.

On the other hand, Senior Nutrition Officer Ms. Leah Vina Vargas shared the hindering and facilitating factors to improve the nutritional status of children in Caraga and the upcoming schedule of activities related to ECCD-F1K.

Further, Ms. Teresita Lina Medrano of DOH-CHD Caraga discussed the DM NO. 2020- 0139, Interim Guidelines on COVID-19 Management of Pregnant Women, Women About to Give Birth, and Newborns. She emphasizes the Management of Infant Feeding Concerns During COVID-19 pandemic.

NNC Caraga Orients Agusan del Sur Beneficiaries on TK-DSP, October 2021Butuan City – National Nutrition Council Caraga conducted a roll-out orientation of Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) to the beneficiaries of Agusan del Sur on October 8–20 and 27, 2021. The orientation was facilitated by the Provincial Nutrition Focal Point (PNFP) Mariella P. Rayco together with Agusan del Sur Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) Laniebelle Angchangco, and with the help of the respective municipal nutrition action officers (MNAOs) and barangay implementers of the selected LGUs.

Joining the orientation are from the LGUs of Talacogon, Veruela, Prosperidad, Bunawan, San Luis, San Francisco, Rosario, Trento, Santa Josefa, Esperanza and La Paz all from Agusan del Sur Province.

The guardians of the beneficiaries were oriented about the overview of TK-DSP, project components, the commodities for feeding and the follow-up nutrition assessment every 30 days from the start of the feeding. This was followed then by an open forum to address issues, and concerns of the parents and/or guardians.

Moreover, each barangay implementers of the selected LGUs assigned a person-in-charge for the TK-DSP implementation in their area. The MNAO was identified to receive the commodities. Likewise, inspectors and inventory clerks were listed to ensure quantity, safety and the quality of the commodities. The meeting also agreed to identify a good and safe facility for the commodities for the storage of commodities.

Additionally, PNFP Rayco oriented the barangay implementers on how to conduct nutrition assessment with the use of the Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) tape.

TK DSP aims to contribute to the prevention of stunting among children 0-23 months old by: improving the quality and quantity of food and nutrient intakes and utilization of related ECCD F1KD services among nutritionally at-risk pregnant women and children 6-23 months old in the target Tutok Kainan program areas

For Phase 3, LGUs of Agusan del Sur will implement the TK DSP for children 6-23 months old with NNC to oversee the implementation of the program. (PNFP MPRayco)

DSP Virtual Orientation Surigao del Sur

 The First 1,000 Days of the child’s life is considered the “Golden window” of opportunity for the child to achieve his or her full potential in the different aspects of development.  This is the period during which key health, nutrition, early education, and related services should be delivered to ensure the optimum physical and mental development of a child.  The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) approved the provision of the dietary supplementation program (DSP) for children 6-23 months and nutritionally-at-risk, pregnant women, to prevent stunting in children during the first 1000 days of life.

The Tutok Kainan Supplementation Program aims to improve the quality and quantity of nutrition of beneficiaries by supplying nutritious food commodities. The primary purpose of the program is to furnish supplemental food for the nutritionally at-risk or undernourished pregnant mothers for 90 days and complementary food for children 6-23 months old for 180 days.

In Caraga Region, Surigao del Sur was identified by NNC as one of the priority areas in Phase 4, the region’s priority group are stunted and wasted 6-23-month-old children from five (5) municipalities which includes Carrascal, Lanuza, Bayabas, San Agustin, and Lingig covering 7 barangays. The province is identified as 2nd priority area under the Human Development and Poverty Reduction Cabinet Cluster (HDPRC) which serves as a basis in the prioritization of target provinces in the region for the DSP implementation.  Initially, a social preparation activity is conducted by requiring identified LGUs for the submission of masterlist of malnourished children targeted for the DSP with a total number of 650 beneficiaries. A dry food commodity scheme will be adopted in the entire food supplementation period using the complementary foods developed by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

Furthermore, the National Nutrition Council Caraga initiated a virtual meeting last September 25, 2021, to orient the target LGUs on the Guidelines of the Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program.  Highlights of the meeting were the presentation of the program overview by NNC Caraga OIC-Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Ms. Retsebeth Laquihon along with Provincial Nutrition Focal Point in the Province of Surigao Del Sur Ms. Julianne Janine V. Carrillo. She emphasizes the program roles and responsibilities of NNC Central office down to the local barangays as a synergetic effort in the reduction of stunting and wasting in the Philippines. Moreover, an overview of Tutok Kainan Nutritext was discussed by Senior Nutrition Officer II Leah Vina P. Vargas.

NNC Caraga through Provincial Nutrition Focal Point in the Province of Surigao Del Sur, Julianne Janine V. Carrillo will take the lead as the focal person for Phase 4 Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program in coordinating and assisting the management and implementation of DSP. PNFP Carrillo will facilitate the streamlined activities for the program which includes social preparation, LGU mobilization of dietary supplementation, nutrition education through Nutritexts and Idol ko Si Nanay and food demonstrations, nutrition interventions connecting project beneficiaries and monitoring, evaluation, and reporting, respectively.  The implementation of the Dietary Supplementation Program in Surigao Del Sur will provide opportunity to address the prevalent problem of stunting especially during the first 1000 days of life. (PNFP Carrillo)

NNC Caraga with the DNPC of Surigao del Norte, Ms. Marissa Solloso during the MAC avisit on October 14, 2021October 14, 2021, Surigao City -The NNC Caraga headed by OIC-RNPC Retsebeth M. Laquihon visited the PSWDO Nutrition Management Division Office of Surigao del Norte, Provincial Capitol to conduct Mentoring, Assisting and Coaching (MAC) through provision of technical assistance in planning and managing their nutrition program and to lobby for nutrition support of the provincial government of Surigao del Norte OIC-RNPC Laquihon talked about the importance of having a functional nutrition office with plantilla position and nutrition staff to mobilize their LGUs and ensure their wider participation in delivering nutrition programs and outcomes. She discussed together with the District Nutrition Program Coordinator Marissa Solloso the needed improvement in their Provincial Nutrition Action Plan (PNAP) and suggested various strategies and activities to be included. Also discussed the implications of having the Nutrition Office under the Provincial Health Office and a separate Provincial Nutrition Office, the one under the Health Office would also be functioning as implementer of nutrition programs specially the nutrition specific programs based on the health sector’s mandates while the Local Nutrition Office as secretariat would function as coordinating body for nutrition and will assist their Provincial Nutrition Committee in the formulation of nutrition policies, preparation of LNAP, conduct of advocacy and nutrition activities, monitoring and evaluation of the progress of their nutrition program and provision of technical supervision to their local nutrition committees including their component city and municipalities. On the other hand, NO II Aldrin Atienza checked and verified the submission of BNS Masterlist and ID pictures from the different municipalities of Surigao del Norte for the processing of their BNS IDs in the region. NO II Atienza also able to advise DNPC Solloso on the submission of CSC-BNS Eligibility application; he recommends the appraisal of the BNS documents by the Provincial Nutrition Office. Both provision of BNS ID and BNS eligibility were part of NNC's assistance and support to the Barangay Nutrition Scholar Program. NNC Caraga also turn-over IEC Materials for the province such as complementary feeding flyers, RA 11148 flyers, NiE Manuals, NiE Handbooks and laptop mats for selected recipients. Further, team also reminds about the identified participants for the E-Learning on Nutrition Program Management to capacitate newly hired or designated nutrition workers. (SNOII Vargas/RNPC Laquihon)

OIC-RNPC Laquihon with PNFP Rayco discussing Tutok Kainan DSP Phase 3 implementation in Agusan del Sur with PHO Monville and PNAO AngchangcoSeptember 29, 2021 | Agusan del Sur, OIC-NNC Caraga Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Retsebeth M. Laquihon had an endorsement of the newly hired Provincial Nutrition Focal Point and face-to-face coordination meeting with Agusan del Sur Provincial Health Officer II, Dr. Jacqueline Frances F. Momville and Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) Laniebelle Angchangco. 

In line with the First 1000 Days of Life program, the National Nutrition Council Caraga hired a new technical staff, a Provincial Nutrition Focal Point, that will oversee and monitor the implementation of the Dietary Supplementation Program – Tutok Kainan (DSP-TK) Phase 3 in Agusan del Sur in the person of Mariella P. Rayco. The said program aims to prevent stunting by giving nutritious food commodities to nutritionally at-risk pregnant women and children 6-23 months old. The target areas for the Province of Agusan del Sur consists of 11 municipalities with 706 beneficiaries.

OIC-NNC Caraga RNPC Laquihon discussed the deliverables of the newly endorsed PNFP to PNAO Angchangco which are mainly provision of technical assistance and monitoring of the said program. Also discussed were the updates about the ongoing social preparation and roll out orientation for DSP-TK Phase 3 for barangay implementers and guardians of the beneficiaries for the proper implementation of the program. 

(PNFP Rayco)

DSP-TK Orientation Agusan del Sur on October 7, 2021 via Zoom

October 7, 2021 | Agusan del Sur, In line with the implementation of Dietary Supplementation Program: Tutok Kainan (DSP-TK), NNC Caraga facilitated an orientation for the barangay implementers in the Province of Agusan del Sur on October 7, 2021 via Zoom video conferencing. The orientation was conducted as part of the social preparation of the program. This program focuses on improving quality and quantity of food and nutrient intakes and utilization of related Early Childhood Care and Development -First 1000 days services among nutritionally at-risk pregnant women and 6-23 months old stunted children. The participants were from the 11 identified local government units (LGUs) of Agusan del Sur. Through the initial coordination of Provincial Nutrition Focal Point (PNFP) Mariella P. Rayco with the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) Laniebelle T. Angchangco, the Municipal Nutrition Action Officers (MNAOs), and MNAO-designates, RHU midwifes, nutrition officers, barangay nutrition scholars together with their Barangay Nutrition Committees members were able to attend the virtual orientation for DSP-TK implementers.


During the orientation, PFNP Rayco emphasized the main objective for the launching of this program and how it can benefit the identified 6-23 months old children of their respective barangays. The roles and responsibilities of the barangay implementers were also highlighted as they are the main movers of this program. Real-time SMS reporting systems on the receiving, inspection, distribution of commodities, actual feeding, baseline and follow up nutritional assessments were also discussed as part of the monitoring, evaluation and reporting component to keep track the progress of the program implementation. Technicalities for the program were also agreed upon such as the work plan for the DSP-TK implementation, the mode of distribution of commodities from the supplier to the LGU to the beneficiaries, the schedule of the distribution of commodities, and the storage room for the commodities. (PFNP Rayco)