Radyo Kaagapay Station Manager Elizabeth Badajos receiving the IEC materials from NNC Caraga.September 18, 2020 Sibagat, Agusan del Sur. NNC Caraga conducted Nutriskwela Community Radio monitoring of Radyo Kaagapay DXCN 107.3  to ensure continuous operation of the Nutriskwela Community Radio in Sibagat, ADS. Radyo Kaagapay Station Manager Ms. Elizabeth Badajos together with MNO staff Ms. Rovelyn Montino and Radio Station Technician Mr. Nissan Justo shared with the NNC monitoring team their station's updates on health and nutrition programs and the boost on COVID-19 updates on-air. They also highlighted their approved plan on moving to a new radio station building just within the municipal complex. They also shared the recent agreement made between Radyo Kaagapay and Department of Education for the new teaching modality for the benefit of the students --- a good opportunity for nutrition and health advocacy for the youth. The monitoring team also delivered IEC materials for the use of the station on their nutrition advocacies, particularly on the First 1000 Days Program. 

Nutriskwela Community Radio - Radyo Kaagapay DXCN 107.3  was established in January 29, 2010, they celebrated their 10th Founding Anniversary this year. NNC Caraga sincerely thanks the LGU Sibagat headed by the Mayor Maria Loza Evangelista, Municipal Administrator Dr. Thelma Lamanilao, the officers and members of the Community Radio Council and program broadcasters for the unending support to the nutrition advocacy.


1st Caraga Regional Bantay Asin Task Force MeetingNNC Caraga conducted the first Regional Bantay Asin Task Force (RBATF) Virtual Meeting last September 22, 2020 via Google Meet. Discussions include the updates on regional salt monitoring and list of salt distributors and retailers in the region, updates on ASIN monitoring guidelines and checklist, updates on the WYD machine and reagents, and the need to organize and operationalize the Local Bantay Asin Task Force at different administrative level.

Ms. Richel Prado, the representative of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Caraga shared about the agency’s regular market surveillance including the monitoring of salts sold in the local supermarkets and inspection of availability of License to Operate (LTO) permit among salt distributors and retailers in the region. Results of the salt samples collected was also presented.

Representatives from Salinas Foods, Incorporated also joined in the meeting and oriented the participants about the WYD machine and reagents, they also addressed queries from the participants on how to acquire and procure the WYD machine. Further, they also give emphasis that training on the use of the WYD machine will be included in the package.

OIC – Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Retsebeth M. Laquihon stressed the importance of strengthening the implementation of RA 8172 or “An Act Promoting Salt Iodization Nationwide and For Other Purposes” by establishing a functional monitoring mechanism through the Bantay Asin Task Force to ensure that only adequately iodized salt is available in the market, food establishments and households. Further, she enjoined the local government units through the nutrition action officers and the technical working group to support the campaign and implementation of salt iodization program in the region to fight the battle against micronutrient deficiencies particularly Iodine Deficiency Disorder that delays mental development and physical growth of children.

The participants was also encouraged to attend during the next RBATF XIII Meeting on the 4th quarter for the formulation of the Regional Salt Iodization Plan for CY 2021 highlighting the expansion of RBATF membership; advocacy campaigns, information dissemination and the monitoring and evaluation component.

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NNC13 LNEWS1NO II Ivy Sheryl Sablas and NO I Raphael Ochavo of NNC Caraga attended and facilitated the Local Nutrition Early Warning System – Food & Nutrition Security Monitoring & Meeting of the Municipality of San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. The Early Warning System for Food and Nutrition Security is a component of the Philippine Food and Nutrition Surveillance System (PFNSS) that is intended to enable LGUs to take timely nutrition action through early detection of a worsening nutrition situation based on monitoring of nutrition and nutrition-related indicators. The LNEWS – FNS monitoring and meeting was attended by the local barangay officials of the five sentinel barangays of the Municipality of San Agustin, officers and staff of the Surigao del Sur Provincial Nutrition Office duly represented by DNPC Ms. Marilou Gallardo, health officers from the Municipal Health Office and the Municipal Nutrition Office of the Municipality of San Agustin.

District Nutrition Program Coordinator Ms. Marilou Gallardo welcomed the participants and guests and thanked all of the data collectors and the LGU of San Agustin for convening the key offices and individuals for the conduct of the EWS monitoring and meeting. Before the data presentation, NO II Ivy Sheryl Sablas gave brief discussion on EWS to orient the participants, especially the new data collectors and newly elected local officials. The Municipal Planning and Development Officer (MPDO) in collaboration with the Municipal Nutrition Office through its Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) spearheaded the presentation of the results of the data collected for the 1st Quarter of 2019 to the EWS core group and to the local officials present. According to the data presented, only 65% of the total number of households interviewed are considered food secure and among the food groups, cereals, oils & fats, and spices & condiments are the top three food groups ranked according to frequency of consumption. The nutritional status presented shows that there are 11 cases of underweight and severely underweight children, 18 cases of stunting and 4 cases of wasting and severe wasting.

The MPDO and MNAO expressed their concerns in the accuracy of the collection of data as there are confusions with the usage of the data collection tool, prompting the need to conduct reorientation of the data collectors. The newly elected local barangay officials also expressed their concerns with regards to the general process of the EWS. The local officials requested that their BNSs orient the local officials about EWS and present the previous and present nutritional status of their respective locality. Also, the BNS/data collectors requested for more financial assistance, as well as the provision of tools and supplies, to aid in their data collection activities. The most common concerns the data collectors expressed are the insufficiency of transportation funds, data collection supplies (office supplies) and equipment (boots, umbrellas) and the provision of a more accurate and easier to transport height board.

At the end of the monitoring and meeting, MNAO Ms. Marylle Masaglang gave the closing remarks thanking all of the participants and challenged all data collectors, health and nutrition workers to go the extra mile in battling malnutrition. Also, the participants were able to receive 10-Kumainment fans and nutrition month t-shirt.

Author: NO I Raphael P. Ochavo, RN

National Nutrition Council Caraga Turnover Ceremony

Outgoing Regional Nutrition Council Coordinator and DOH Caraga Director, Jose R. Llacuna Jr., welcomed the new OIC Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator XIII, Retsebeth M. Laquihon, during this NNC CARAGA turnover ceremony held at DOH CHD Regional Office XIII, Butuan City, at 10 AM on September 2, 2020.

This turnover ceremony remarks a milestone to NNC CARAGA, for it has bloomed and transformed over the past years. On its quest as the new OIC Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator, Ms. Retsebeth M. Laquihon said that the challenge that she faces now is to make NNC XIII better, innovative and sustainable as what RD Jose R. Llacuna Jr.’s legacy was embedded in institutionalizing nutrition program. She also thanked RD Llacuna for the untiring and continuous support that he had shown to NNC XIII for it has motivated NNC to push harder and become better.

The turnover ceremony ended up with the transition of duties and responsibilities to Ms. Retsebeth M. Laquihon escorted by RD Llacuna, then a wine toasting as a symbol of celebration.



NNC13 HLCADS2019 1July 26, 2019 - NNC Caraga, in coordination with the Provincial Nutrition Office of the Province of Agusan del Sur and in collaboration with the Department of Education – Agusan del Sur Division and Bayugan City Division, and in partnership with the Department of Health – Center for Health Development Caraga, conducted the Healthy Lifestyle Campaign Among Students and Teachers. Anchored to the 2019 Nutrition Month theme which is “Kumain nang wasto at maging aktibo…Push Natin ‘to!”, the healthy lifestyle campaign is a call to action for Filipinos to practice a healthy diet and engage in regular physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviours which go hand in hand. The annual campaign will serve as an avenue to help individuals make informed food choices and be guided on how to integrate physical activity in daily life; jump-start or reinforce nutrition advocacies and policies; and mobilize stakeholders to provide an enabling environment for a healthy diet and physical activity.

Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) of Agusan de Sur, Ms. Laniebelle Angchangco graced the event and gave her message to the participants on behalf of the provincial nutrition council of the province. She emphasized the important role of the students and teachers, as well as school nurses, to become effective advocates of proper nutrition and physical activity and become “pushers” of health and nutrition. A Zumba exercise followed and was enjoyed by the participants before the start of the discussions. The NNC Caraga technical staff led the discussion on the main talking points of the 2019 Nutrition Month. The focus of the talking points is centered on the three key messages of the theme which is to have one hour or more of physical activity each day, reduce screen time to two hours or less per day, and eat the three food groups for variety each day.

Nutritionist-Dietitian II of DOH-CHD Caraga, Ms. Lovely Grace Camancho presented and discussed the Pinggang Pinoy, which is a new, easy to understand food guide that uses a familiar food plate model to convey the right food group proportions on a per-meal basis, to meet the body’s energy and nutrient needs of Filipino adults. Pinggang Pinoy serves as visual tool to help Filipinos adopt healthy eating habits at meal times by delivering effective dietary and healthy lifestyle messages. Ms. Sunshine Alipayo, Nurse V of DOH-CHD Caraga, presented and comprehensively discussed the topic on Non-Communicable Diseases, its causes, the adverse effects, and current efforts on battling NCDs.

In the afternoon, after the presentations and discussions, students, teachers, and school nurses engaged in an interactive open forum and exchange of best practices in their current efforts in health and nutrition. Dr. Susan Marañon, Medical Officer III of Agusan del Sur Schools Division gave the closing remarks, thanking all the participants and organizers of the healthy lifestyle campaign.

Author: NO I Raphael P. Ochavo, RN

NNC1Province of Agusan del Norte culminates the 2019 Nutrition Month Celebration last August 07, 2019 at Robinsons Place Butuan. NO II Leah Vina P. Vargas represented the National Nutrition Council Caraga and served as one of the board of judges of the many contests prepared by the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office. Hon. Elizabeth Marie Calo who is the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Board Member for Health represented Agusan del Norte Governor, Hon. Dale B. Corvera and gave an inspirational speech. Hon. Calo emphasized the importance of taking care of our body and that it is a moral obligation. She also commended all nutrition workers, especially the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer, Ms. Silver Joy Tejano, the District Nutrition Program Coordinator, Ms. Eden Amper, the Municipal Nutrition Action Officers, the Barangay Nutrition Scholars, the Municipal Health Officers, nurses and municipal/barangay health workers for their courageous and usual support to the nutrition program. Hon. Calo also shared her personal experience of taking care of her nutritional health. She exclaimed that adhering to the nutrition month theme, "Kumain nang wasto at maging aktibo...Push natin 'to!", is a basic concept but plays a vital fundamental role in one's health.

Performing and deserving nutrition workers were also given due recognition as they receive plaques for their service. All participants also enjoyed a Zumba exercise wherein they danced with glee which is part of the nutrition month theme to be more active. In the afternoon, representatives from the ten municipalities of Agusan del Norte performed as they participated in the nutrijingle contest.

Author: NO I Raphael P. Ochavo, RN