Sour CreamSour cream is made by fermenting cream from dairy milk with lactic acid bacteria according to Ansley Hill. This rich, slightly tart condiment is frequently used as a topping for tacos and baked potatoes, as well as to thicken baked goods, sauces, and stews. However, many people are unsure whether it can be included in a healthy diet. Sour cream contains many essential nutrients, but serving sizes tend to be small. Thus, it doesn’t usually offer significant amounts of any nutrient. According to the US Department of Agriculture, 2-tablespoon (30-gram) serving of regular sour cream provides:

Halloween FoodieAs it is not common for Filipinos, one of the few holidays we seldom celebrate with a family dinner is Halloween. But there are many dietary customs associated with Halloween.  Children bobbing for apples, pumpkins are carved, and lots and lots of candy are consumed. In reality, Halloween candy consumption has long surpassed that of Christmas and Valentine's Day. Billions has increase in candy sales for Halloween. That much sugar is a lot!

Caravan at SaadOctober 25, 2022--The Mindanao Communicators Network Inc. (MindaComNet) conducted a 1-day activity, the Info Serbisyo Caravan at Barangay Saad, Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur. Prior to the conduct of the activity, the MindaComNet member agencies and stakeholders have convened two coordination meetings and members have laid down their commitments and participation. This activity was done for member agencies to provide basic information of programs, projects, and bring available services to the chosen beneficiary.

ZDS LNAPThe National Nutrition Council 9 spearheaded by RNPC Ms. Nimfa Ekong in collaboration with the Provincial Nutrition Office of ZamboSur headed by PNAO Ms. Grace F. Sumogue, successfully held the 3-day Local Nutrition Action Planning Workshop last October 26-28, 2022 at Hotel Guillermo, Pagadian City. The activity was attended by the PNAO, DMO II Marie-Claire A. Gaas, PDO Ms. Ayesa Gay A. Bejerano, PDO I Ms. Kimberly M. Tanador, four (4) district nutrition program coordinators, twenty (20) Nutrition Action Officers, and seven (7) Nutritionist-Dietitians under the DOH HRH program. By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:  1. Explain the alarming situation of malnutrition in the country and its impact on national /local development; 2. Articulate the need to scale up nutrition in the LGU (provincial, city, and municipal) plans and budget; 3. Determine the absence, or inadequacy of nutrition in the priority development challenges in the PDPFP and CDP; 4. Formulate the nutrition situation analysis, craft a nutrition-focus priority development challenge and define projects and budgets on nutrition for integration in the PDPFP, CDP, LDIP, and 5. Prepare and take home a substantive draft of the Local Nutrition Action Plan (LNAP) 2023-2025.

Anti Aging FoodsThe foods we eat can have a significant impact on our quality of life, fitness, beauty, and risk of disease as we age according to Katey Davidson of Healthline. Numerous nutrients are needed by our systems to sustain the aging process. Some nutrients, like those that support good skin, may help halt the aging process. It's crucial to understand that eating particular foods won't help you seem noticeably younger and that aging properly involves more than just nutrition. Even so, incorporating nutrient-rich foods into your diet will help you age gracefully and feel your best. Try to eat more foods that are high in antioxidants, healthy fats, and sources of protein in general.

Chili PeppersChili peppers (Capsicum annuum) are the hot-flavored fruits of Capsicum pepper plants. As per Atli Arnarson of Healthline, they are part of the nightshade family, which includes bell peppers and tomatoes. Chili peppers come in a variety of flavors, including cayenne and jalapeo. Chili peppers are mostly used as a spice, and they can be cooked, dried, and powdered. Paprika is powdered red chili peppers. Capsaicin is the primary bioactive plant ingredient in chili peppers, and it is responsible for its distinct, spicy flavor as well as many of its health advantages.