TK Ceremonial Signing in ZSAs we are moving forward to eradicating this ever-pressing concern of malnutrition among Filipinos and with the advent of COVID-19 pandemic that aggravated the vulnerability of the undernourished children, the National Nutrition Council conceived the Tutok Kainan (TK), a dietary supplementation program, to help alleviate and improve the nutritional status of our future generation most especially in the first 1000 days of life being the golden window of opportunity. This is also to help reach the full potential of every individual. With this and as a follow through to the conducted ceremonial signing for the provinces of Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga del Norte, NNC9 sealed the partnership with the Department of Agrarian Reform Region IX (DAR9) and Community-based Organizations (CBOs) during the ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and Marketing Agreement last May 11, 2022 at Roderics Resort, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay (ZS).

Complementary FeedingWe always want to give the best for our babies, and it starts by giving them good nutrition. The first 1000 days of life are very critical for them as this period is considered as the "golden window of opportunity" wherein good nutrition must be given to mother and child to ensure the child’s proper growth and development. Breastmilk is the best food for babies in the first year of life. It helps them grow healthy and strong and protects them from infections and illness. Generally, at six months of age, a baby's need for energy and nutrients starts to exceed what is provided by breastmilk, and complementary foods are necessary to meet those needs. An infant of this age is also developmentally ready for other foods. This transition is referred to as “Complementary Feeding”. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as “a process starting when breast milk alone is no longer sufficient to meet the nutritional requirements of infants, and therefore other foods and liquids are needed, along with breast milk”

Stoneman SyndromeHave you ever met someone who suffers from Stoneman Syndrome? Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), often known as stone man syndrome, is an extremely rare genetic disorder characterized by ectopic ossification of the skeletal and connective tissues resulting in the gradual union of the axial and appendicular skeleton. This happens when muscle tissue and connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments are gradually replaced by bone (ossification) which will result in an extra-skeletal or heterotopic bone that restricts mobility. This process usually begins in early childhood. It starts from the neck extending to the shoulders and progresses down the body and into the limbs.

ZC BNS General AssemblyThe Local Government Unit of Zamboanga City (ZC) through the City Health Office – Nutrition Division successfully conducted their Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) Federation General Assembly and Fellowship on 22 April 2022 at Grand Astoria Hotel, Zamboanga City. A total of eighty-two (82) BNSs from the 98 barangays of the city, four (4) nutrition staff from the Nutrition Division of Zamboanga City Health Office and three (3) technical staff from the National Nutrition Council Region IX (NNC9) attended the occasion. The objectives of the activity were to respond to the needs of the nutrition workers in the local nutrition program management, to conduct the election of officers, and to give tribute to retiree Ms. Virginia G. Sagrado, Nutrition Officer III-Nutrition Division of Zamboanga City Health Office.

MSGSeasonings are common flavor enhancers that we often use while cooking our dishes and one of these is the Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). It can be found in most kitchens to add flavor to food that we prepare for our family and friends. But the question is, "Is it safe to use MSG? What are its harmful effects?".

ZC Buntis AssemblyOne of the key elements to have a healthy outcome from pregnancy is having appropriate and regular antenatal care (ANC). It is one of the evidence-based interventions to decrease the probability of unfavorable health outcomes for mothers and their newborn babies. It will also prevent complications as well as any possible infection-transmission to their new offspring. This prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) activity named as the Buntis Assembly was successfully conducted in the City of Zamboanga specifically in the Barangays of Sangali (in their covered court), Bunguiao (Bunguiao Elementary School), Bolong (Bolong Barangay Hall) on April 12,19 & 26, 2022 respectively.