In this world challenged by poverty, hunger and malnutrition, the concerned individuals make strategies and actions that mitigate, if not totally eradicate, these posing problems. These pandemic crises of which people of all races may have been used to its presence and consequences, little by little, deter our new and younger generation, threatening our future and putting nations into peril. These are not just a concern of the directly affected party or family but a concern of all people because such problem can cause a ripple effect; corrosive consequences which are debilitating, not only to the family, but to the community and the entire nation. Because of these social and societal alarming concerns, the Nutrition Committees of the different Local Government Units, in accordance to the mandates of the law and the causes of the National Nutrition Council, made innovative approaches to address these devastating problems without undermining consideration of the different factors deem necessary to be contemplated such as, but not limited to, age, sex, civil and socio-economic status, demography, location, educational attainment and attention span of the targeted groups and individuals.

The Local Government Unit of Polanco acknowledges that inadequate or lack of knowledge, fallacies and misconceptions are some of the primal causes attributed to the continued existence of malnutrition in the municipality. Looking for best possible solutions and nice ideas, the Municipal Nutrition Committee of the Local Government Unit of Polanco (Polanco MNC) came up with using the NICE IDEA per se as the name of the project.


NICE IDEA, which stands for Nutrition Information, Communication and Education Intensified Development and Enhanced Advocacy, is another initiative devised by Polanco MNC. This project was conceived to treat the problem of malnutrition at the fountainhead--illiteracy. The main goal is to provide and promote better learning and understanding on the basic concepts of Health, Nutrition and Sanitation and other related issues and concerns by formulating, designing and producing easy-to-understand IEC learning materials such as infographics and other informative materials in Cebuano and/or Tagalog. Printed materials are then distributed to the 30 component barangays of the municipality especially at their nutrition posts, health centers, purok centers, day care centers, library, barangay halls, schools and other targeted places such as religious and worship areas among others. Posters and informative billboards will also be installed in common public places to target the general public.

The project proponent believes that the more senses are involved in the learning process, the better is the understanding and the longer the memory retention would be, thus, IEC materials are created, formulated and printed in full color with pictures and other related prints and are mass produced for distribution. The LGU also makes use of the multimedia such as LCD projectors, laptops, flat screen television and sound system for audio-visual presentations. With the advent of online social media which are of trends among all age groups, Polanco MNC also takes its advantage by creating a Facebook account to reach out the general public in order to provide them with information about health, nutrition and sanitation and to give them updates on the activities conducted by the LGU relative to the Nutrition Program management and implementation.

The Polanco MNC is hopeful that this project, alongside with the other interventions, can influence positive change especially on the nutrition situation of the community. If the objectives of this project have been met, truly, NICE IDEA is a bridge to a well-nourished, healthier and brighter future, not only to the constituents, but to the family, to the community, to the municipality and to the entire nation as a whole.

The following are the materials, equipment and other logistics procured by the Polanco MNC intended to the causes of NICE IDEA Project:

- LCD projector and screen

- karaoke with USB port

- Risograph

- photocopying machine

- colored printers

- laptop and desktop computers

- flat screen TV

- binding machine and binding combs

- professional trimmer (paper cutter)

- expandable folders

- bondpapers and special papers


“For the prosperity of our nation, let us invest more on good nutrition and health promotion rather than on curative intervention.”



By: NPC Elton N. Pelegrino, RN

      Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte