NNC 9 - NMC 2017Over the years, the Nutrition Month Celebration (NMC) has been institutionalized by schools and local government units as well as other stakeholders.

This year is the 43rd observance of the celebration and the focus is on the promotion of healthy diets with the theme “Healthy diet, gawing habit -FOR LIFE!”

The campaign aims to increase awareness on the importance of healthy diets which protects against both under- and overnutrition and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Specifically, this year’s campaign aims to:

  1. To increase awareness on the importance of healthy diets to prevent malnutrition and contribute to the reduction of overweight and obesity and non-communicable diseases;
  2. To help the public discern between healthy and unhealthy foods for better food choices;
  3. To encourage the food industry including farmers, manufacturers, distributors and food establishments to produce and make available healthier food options; and
  4. To advocate for the enactment of national and local legislation/ policies supportive of an enabling environment for healthy diets.

Presidential Decree 491 (1974) mandates the National Nutrition Council (NNC) to lead and coordinate the nationwide campaign. At the regional level, the NNC Regional Office together with the Regional Nutrition Anti-Hunger Committee (RNAHC) had lined-up several activities to highlight the theme of the month-long celebration which will start with the launching on 3 July at the Zamboanga City High School (Main). The launching will be attended by the high school students with the aim that the campaign will inspire the students to adopt concepts of healthy diet to start early in life the practice of good nutrition.

Other activities to advance the theme will be a nutrition symposium for school canteens/cafeteria managers to influence them to give healthy food options to students, serving of food that are high in calorie and other nutrient content essential to growth of the children; limiting the sale of high sugar drinks and snack food with low nutrient quality; supporting the policy and guidelines issued by DepEd on Healthy Food and Beverage Choices in schools.

A Regional Nutri-Quiz Bee among grade six students of the 8 Schools division will be held in Zamboanga City will culminate the monthlong celebration.

These activities of the Regional Nutrition Anti-Hunger Committee will be conducted further by the activities of the Local Government Units, schools and other institutions, together with the media partners. it is hoped that the nutrition message this year on healthy diet will be widely disseminated and adopted by the public.