RO9 ImmunizationThe World Health Organization (WHO) defines adolescents as individuals who belong in the 10-19 years age group. Many adolescents continue to be affected by vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, hepatitis B, pertussis, meningitis and rubella because vaccination programs have not focused on improving immunization coverage among adolescents. Thus, to raise awareness on the important roles of vaccines on preventing serious diseases for adolescents, yearly the month of August is celebrated as National Adolescents Immunization month in the Philippines.

The adolescent period is the time that an individual experiences dynamic development since it is the phase of transition to adulthood. It is the perfect period that adolescents should be educated on the effective preventive care measures that promote safe behaviors and the development of lifelong health habits such as timely immunization. This is the best way to avoid serious and deadly diseases that may not only be experienced during childhood, but may also pass on to your adolescent years.

To know more on the different roles and importance of vaccines to adolescents, here are the top 3 reasons why individuals ages 10-19 years old should be immunized:

1. Vaccine-preventable diseases haven’t gone away – Viruses and bacteria that cause diseases still exist and can be passed on to those who are unprotected by vaccines. Individuals who are immunized during their early childhood might decreased their immunity during their adolescent years leading them to be more susceptible to deadly and infectious diseases such as meningitis, whooping cough, influenza, HPV (a virus that causes cancer), measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis A and B.

2. Vaccines are important to your overall health ­– Like other healthy habits such as exercising, consuming healthy foods and getting regular check-ups, timely immunization also play a vital role in keeping a person healthy. It is one of the most convenient, safe and effective preventive care measures available. Visit your doctor to talk about the vaccines recommended for adolescents.

3. Healthy and young people can also get sick – As part of the vulnerable group, infants and the elderly are usually at greater risk for serious infections and complications, but remember that vaccine-preventable diseases can strike anyone including the healthy young people. Check when your immunization are up to date to give you assurance against infections.

Everyone deserves the chance to stay healthy. By being immunized, you are not only protecting yourself from diseases but also saving the people that surrounds you from being infected. This safe and effective preventive measure will help you get ready to the next phase of a healthy adulthood.


NO I Angelica O. Pajulas



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