RO9 BNSMeetingOn March 30, 2021, the Provincial Nutrition Coordinator for Zamboanga del Sur (ZDS PNC) of the National Nutrition Council IX (NNC9) Ms. Marie-Claire A. Gaas, visited the Municipality of Tabina with the Provincial Nutrition Office team headed by ZDS Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) Ms. Grace Sumogue, District Nutrition Program Coordinators (DNPCs) Mr. Rey Marth Sulatorio and Ms. Lea Ariza, to conduct a courtesy call to MNAO designate Ms. Amy Joy Tabaday and to DTTB Dr. Jessa Mae F. Pangandian. She also visited the Municipality in response to the invitation to attend the BNS Meeting to discuss the forms to be used on the Tutok Kainan: Dietary Supplementation Program and other matters. A total of 16 Barangay Nutrition Scholars attended the said meeting. 

The first agenda is on the proper use of Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) Tape. PNC Gaas reviewed the proper use of MUAC tapes to the BNS for quick assessment of acute malnutrition. She emphasized that the MUAC tape must be used for children 6 to 59 months old only. 

Furthermore, the roles and responsibilities of a BNS was then discussed by PNAO Grace Sumogue in accordance with the Presidential Decree no. 1569. She emphasized that to strengthen the Barangay Nutrition Program, each barangay shall provide for one (1) barangay nutrition scholar (BNS). The BNS shall be a barangay- based volunteer worker responsible for delivering nutrition services and other related activities such as community health, backyard food production, environmental sanitation, culture, mental feeding, and family planning to the barangay.

PNAO Sumogue also discussed the household profiling forms and reminded the BNS’ that it should be accomplished yearly and updated quarterly. She also explained where to seek the data needed (ex. Listahan ng DSWD) and how to fill up the forms. On the 4Ps column, she emphasized that it must also be indicated if the household is a 4Ps member or IPs

DNPC Rey Marth Sulatorio explained how to formulate the Barangay Nutrition Action Plan. The first part is the introduction where they can put a brief history and other information about their barangay. The situational analysis includes assessment of the nutrition problems in the barangay; spotmap; problem tree; available resources; and accomplishments of the previous years. Furthermore, the general and specific objectives must be indicated in their BNAP, as well as projects and activities, followed by the monitoring, evaluation and the budgetary requirements. In addition, DNPC Liza Ariza then discussed the accomplishment reports to be submitted by the BNS and reminded that data needed must be validated. 

For the Tutok Kainan: DSP, PNC Gaas discussed that receipt of commodities shall be reported in real time by sending SMS messages and pictures of commodities received to the system using designated numbers. PNC Gaas also informed the participants that there will be a profiling feature for the individual beneficiaries to ease in the SMS reporting of the BNSs. During the Day 0 of the dietary supplementation (or during social preparation of barangays), BNSs can record complete information of the beneficiaries through the monitoring form.

Through the assigned PNC who will take part in regular meetings like this, to make sure that Barangay Nutrition Scholars and concerned constituents are provided with technical assistance to further improve the nutrition situation of their represented barangays and likewise to give updates on the nutrition program.


PNC-ZDS Marie Claire A. Gaas