RO9 BNSDinasOn April 7, 2021, the Provincial Nutrition Coordinator of NNC-IX for Zamboanga del Sur (ZDS PNC) Ms. Marie-Claire Gaas, visited the Municipality of Dinas with District Nutrition Program Coordinators, Ms. Lea Ariza and Mr. Rey Marth Sulatorio, from the Provincial Nutrition Office, for courtesy call to MNAO Designate Ms. Hazel Minao as well as to attend the Barangay Nutrition Scholar’s (BNS) meeting to discuss the forms to be used on the Tutok Kainan: Dietary Supplementation Program (DSP) and other matters. A total of 30 BNSs attended the meeting.

The first topic which was discussed was the Overview of the Tutok Kainan: Dietary Supplementation Program (DSP). PNC Gaas explained that the main objective of the DSP is to contribute in the prevention of stunting among children 0-23 months old by improving the quality and quantity of food and nutrient intakes and utilization of related ECCD F1KD services among nutritionally at-risk pregnant women and children 6-23 months old in the targeted Tutok Kainan program areas. During the meeting, PNC Gaas stressed out the targeted beneficiaries of the program that consists of nutritionally at-risk (NAR) and well-nourished pregnant women in their 3rd trimester followed by all NAR pregnant women in their 2nd and 1st trimester. She also discussed the necessary preparations and the modes of feeding. Lastly, PNC Gaas informed the BNS on how the monitoring and reporting will be done with making them familiar with the different forms and tools to be used.

For other matters, DNPC Ariza refreshed the BNSs on making their accomplishment reports with emphasis on the importance of providing the necessary information. MNAO Designate Ms. Hazel Minao also reminded the BNS that the submission of their reports must be timely to avoid certain penalties as locally agreed. She also reminded them to always monitor their SAM and MAM cases. They must be presented to the Municipal Health Officer for immediate and appropriate provision of medical and nutritional interventions.

PNC-ZDS Marie Claire A. Gaas