RO9 BNSDinasOn April 7, 2021, the Provincial Nutrition Coordinator of NNC-IX for Zamboanga del Sur (ZDS PNC) Ms. Marie-Claire Gaas, visited the Municipality of Dinas with District Nutrition Program Coordinators, Ms. Lea Ariza and Mr. Rey Marth Sulatorio, from the Provincial Nutrition Office, for courtesy call to MNAO Designate Ms. Hazel Minao as well as to attend the Barangay Nutrition Scholar’s (BNS) meeting to discuss the forms to be used on the Tutok Kainan: Dietary Supplementation Program (DSP) and other matters. A total of 30 BNSs attended the meeting.

RO9 AlcoholPoisoningIndeed Filipinos love celebrations and almost in every celebration, alcoholic drinks are always present.  According to the 2003 World Health Survey, the mean value (in grams) of pure alcohol consumed per day among drinkers was 4.8 (total), 6.1 (males) and 2.0 (females). A study by Martha Jean Sanchez illustrates that the prevalence of alcoholism across the Philippines in 2016, by gender and type, around 8.8 percent of males and 1.8 percent of females in the Philippines had alcohol use disorders. So, what is alcohol poisoning?

RO9 Hemophilia2021Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder, passed on from mothers, which affects the blood’s ability to clot. Proclamation No. 1478 declares the month of April as National Hemophilia Awareness Month and April 17 as National Hemophilia Day. The World Hemophilia Federation estimates that about 10,000 Filipinos have hemophilia.

Hemophilia is usually inherited and it is caused by a mutation or change in one of the genes, that provides instructions for making the clotting factor proteins needed to form a blood clot. Some common signs of hemophilia include bleeding into the joints which can cause it to swell and to feel pain or tightness due to pressure, bleeding into the skin, bleeding of the mouth and gums, bleeding after having shots such as vaccinations, blood in the urine or stool, and frequent and hard-to-stop nosebleeds.

RO9 MangoesMango is known as the national fruit of the Philippines. It is grown by around two and a half million smallholder farmers on over 7 million mango trees. Mango is also a high value crop and provides a huge boost to the rural and national economy of the country.

Mango is a low-calorie fruit that is high in fiber. It is also packed with nutrients particularly vitamin C, which we all know aids in immunity. Specifically, one cup (165 grams) of sliced mango gives you 67% of the reference daily intake of vitamin C. Aside from vitamin C, mangoes provide a lot more nutrients such as 11.6% of vitamin B6, 10% of vitamin A, 6% of potassium, and 9.7% of vitamin E among others.

RO9 WorldHealthWorkerWeekA year ago, COVID-19 was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). On March 8, 2020, President Rodrigo Duterte declared a State of Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19. The Intrahealth International stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown a spotlight on the tireless efforts frontline health workers make to keep their communities—and the world—safe and healthy.

The WHO defines Health Workers as the people whose job is to protect and improve the health of their communities. These are doctors, nurses, midwives, medical technologists, nutritionist-dietitians, pharmacists, respiratory technologists and even medical waste handlers. Together these health workers, in all their diversity, make up the global health workforce.

RO9 BNSMeetingOn March 30, 2021, the Provincial Nutrition Coordinator for Zamboanga del Sur (ZDS PNC) of the National Nutrition Council IX (NNC9) Ms. Marie-Claire A. Gaas, visited the Municipality of Tabina with the Provincial Nutrition Office team headed by ZDS Provincial Nutrition Action Officer (PNAO) Ms. Grace Sumogue, District Nutrition Program Coordinators (DNPCs) Mr. Rey Marth Sulatorio and Ms. Lea Ariza, to conduct a courtesy call to MNAO designate Ms. Amy Joy Tabaday and to DTTB Dr. Jessa Mae F. Pangandian. She also visited the Municipality in response to the invitation to attend the BNS Meeting to discuss the forms to be used on the Tutok Kainan: Dietary Supplementation Program and other matters. A total of 16 Barangay Nutrition Scholars attended the said meeting.