NNC 9 - NMC 2017Over the years, the Nutrition Month Celebration (NMC) has been institutionalized by schools and local government units as well as other stakeholders.

This year is the 43rd observance of the celebration and the focus is on the promotion of healthy diets with the theme “Healthy diet, gawing habit -FOR LIFE!”

The campaign aims to increase awareness on the importance of healthy diets which protects against both under- and overnutrition and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Specifically, this year’s campaign aims to:

In this world challenged by poverty, hunger and malnutrition, the concerned individuals make strategies and actions that mitigate, if not totally eradicate, these posing problems. These pandemic crises of which people of all races may have been used to its presence and consequences, little by little, deter our new and younger generation, threatening our future and putting nations into peril. These are not just a concern of the directly affected party or family but a concern of all people because such problem can cause a ripple effect; corrosive consequences which are debilitating, not only to the family, but to the community and the entire nation. Because of these social and societal alarming concerns, the Nutrition Committees of the different Local Government Units, in accordance to the mandates of the law and the causes of the National Nutrition Council, made innovative approaches to address these devastating problems without undermining consideration of the different factors deem necessary to be contemplated such as, but not limited to, age, sex, civil and socio-economic status, demography, location, educational attainment and attention span of the targeted groups and individuals.

The Local Government Unit of Polanco acknowledges that inadequate or lack of knowledge, fallacies and misconceptions are some of the primal causes attributed to the continued existence of malnutrition in the municipality. Looking for best possible solutions and nice ideas, the Municipal Nutrition Committee of the Local Government Unit of Polanco (Polanco MNC) came up with using the NICE IDEA per se as the name of the project.

The National Nutrition Council together with MQ MediaZone Production conducted a four-day refresher training course on  Nutriskwela Community Radio broadcasting and management operations of Radyo Kasuhnan (98.5 fm) in Siay, Zamboanga Sibugay. The activity was conducted on August 23-26, 2016 at the conference room of the municipal hall.

The Nutriskwela Community Radio Station Radyo Kasuhnan 98.5 fm was established by the National Nutrition Council in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Siay in 2008. The establishment of the community radio aims to empower the community through radio in order to disseminate correct, current and relevant nutrition and health information, as well as educational and developmental information, from all concerned sectors of the community, government agencies and non-government organizations.

Likewise the training aims to improve capabilities and skills on radio programming and operations of those who are involved in Radyo Kasuhnan but have not been trained when the radio station was established in 2008. It also addresses various concerns such as maintenance of equipment, anchoring for new recruits, radio programming, signal mapping, use of new media and sustainability of the CRC among others.

NNC 9 IYCFThe Department of Health Regional Office 09 holds a training activity on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) for new Barangay Nutrition Scholars deployed in  Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay to sharpen their skills  when counselling mothers  with appropriate feeding practices for infants and young children. The BNS of two municipalities in Zamboanga del Norte – Labason and Piǹan will also be supported with  trainings on Basic Course for Barangay Nutrition Scholars, IYCF and WHO-Child Growth Standards. A total of Php 884,000.00 is allocated for the lined-up activities that includes board and lodging and supplies.

NNC9 EccdThe Early Childhood Care and Development Intervention Package for the First 1000 Days is anchored on the Republic Act 10410 or the Early Years Act that mandates the state to implement  programs to ensure full growth and development of the child specifically aged 0-4 years old.  Its overall Framework focuses on nutrition, health, early child learning and other services that are essential for the child’s growth and development.  The program aims 1) to reduce mortality and morbidity rates among children 0-23 months old; 2) to reduce the prevalence of stunting and wasting among children 0-23 months old and; 3) To increase the percentage of children 0-23 month’s old meeting developmental milestones.

NNC9 RNAC 2016On 04 November 2016 in Palacio Del Sur Convention Center, the Regional Nutrition Anti-Hunger Committee under the leadership of the Department of Health Regional Director Dr. Aristides C. Tan and in coordination with the National Nutrition Council held the annual ceremonial conferment to outstanding LGUs nutrition implementers in Zamboanga Peninsula with the Department of Health Assistant Secretary for Mindanao, Dr. Abdullah B. Dumama, Jr. as keynote speaker. This affair is being conducted every year to give due recognitions to individuals who have contributed significantly in the successful implementation of various nutrition programs, projects and activities in their respective localities. Key personalities from the health and nutrition agencies, social welfare, trade and industry, education, agriculture, local government units and academe were in attendance along with the presence of the stars of the event – the awardees – among them were the Local Chief Executives and members of their Local nutrition Committees, Nutrition Action Officers, the Barangay Nutrition Scholars, NGOs and media partners.