RO9 Stunting 101As we celebrate the 46th Nutrition Month with the theme “Batang Pinoy, SANA TALL… Iwas Stunting, SAMA ALL! Iwas ALL din sa COVID-19!”, we also want to shift our focus on the stunted children and initiate project, programs, and activities that would eradicate the number of stunted children in the Philippines. The State of the World’s Children: Children, Food and Nutrition revealed that one in three Filipino children under five years old are stunted, which means they are too short for their age. Thus, the National Nutrition Council is exhausting all efforts to address malnutrition especially among children through the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022, which serves as the country’s framework for nutrition improvement.

To know the basics, stunting is the percentage of children aged 0 to 59 months (under 5 years old) whose height for age is below -2 standard deviation (moderate and severe stunting) and -3 standard deviation (severe stunting) from the median of the World Health Organization (WHO) Child Growth Standards.

RO9 Virtual Launch of NMFor the first time ever, the National Nutrition Council Regional Office 9 kicked off this year’s Nutrition Month Celebration with the theme “Batang Pinoy, SANA TALL… Iwas stunting, SAMA ALL! Iwas ALL din sa COVID-19!” virtually. Spearheaded by the National Nutrition Council Regional Office 9 headed by Nutrition Program Coordinator Nimfa D. Ekong, over 100 participants consisting of the Regional Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Regional Nutrition Anti-Hunger Committee (RNAHC), Nutrition Action Officers (NAOs), District/City/Municipal Nutrition Program Coordinators (D/C/MNPCs), Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) Federation Officers, Nutritionist-Dietitians under the Nutritionist-Dietitian Deployment Project (NDDP) of DOH IX, Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines (NDAP) Zamboanga Peninsula Chapter, and Nutritionist-Dietitians from Ciudad Medical Zamboanga and West Metro Medical Center, joined the virtual launching of the 46th Nutrition Month Celebration on July 01, 2020 via Zoom at 9:30 in the morning.

RO9 Prostate CancerProstate cancer is said to be the next most common cancer among men after lung cancer. As man ages, his possibility to acquire this disease also increases. According to the Department of Health (DOH), 19.3 percent of every 100,000 Filipinos are affected by prostate cancer and it is the third leading cause of death in the Philippines. Thus, the DOH recognized this as an alarming rate and declared the month of June every year as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to disseminate more public information, increase patient empowerment and encourage men to be screened for this disease.

So, what is Prostate Cancer and how men can prevent this disease?

 RO9 Tips for health workersTo protect the body against COVID-19, people are advised to stay at home and practice social distancing. However, there are individuals who needed to take the risk of going out and interact with people every day to keep the community running. These individuals are the essential personnel who work in critical sectors such as the health, emergency service, food service and grocery, utility, law enforcement and public workers who are required to report for duty to serve the Filipino people.

In order to keep the essential workers safe from the virus, the Department of Health (DOH) released a list of do’s and don’ts to serve as precautionary measures against COVID-19. Here’s the to-DOH list that employees need to practice before going out for work, when commuting to and from the workplace, during arrival, inside the office and when going back to their home:

A good posture gives you more confidence, improves your breathing and body alignment, more efficient balance, improves your memory and learning, helps you digest your food better and boosts your mood and anxiety. But what if you have a naturally curvy spine that is either an “S” or “C” shaped? Will this condition hinder you from having a good posture? This spinal deformity is called Scoliosis, which is a disorder that is caused mainly by genetic factors that leads to uneven growth of the spine. And to understand more with this disorder, yearly, the month of June is declared as “Scoliosis Awareness Month” by virtue of Proclamation No. 620 to raise positive public awareness and promoting its early detection.

Scoliosis may cause some postural issues and mild pain to severe chronic pain that requires treatment. This condition is most common in children from ages of 10-15 but may also happen any time in a person’s life. Symptoms of this disorder are often easy to spot since the curvature of the spine are usually visible. Additionally, back pain, pain in the hips and problems with breathing are the other common symptoms. Scoliosis does not come from any types of sports involvement, backpacks, sleeping positions, bad posture or minor leg differences, but studies have shown that this is more genetically inclined. Treatments for scoliosis depends on the severity of the condition. For more severe cases, mostly if caught early enough in younger children, using back braces can stop the worsening of the curvature and for some, having surgeries are recommended to permanently fuse the vertebrae together. On the other hand, some forms of adult-onset scoliosis can be prevented by practicing good posture, maintaining symmetry when exercising and eating well. Here are some other tips for a better and healthy spine even with Scoliosis condition:

RO9 46th AnniversaryOn June 25, 1974, Presidential Decree No. 491 or the Nutrition Act of the Philippines was promulgated by then-President Ferdinand Marcos, creating and making the National Nutrition Council as the highest policy-making and coordinating body on nutrition. Its vision is to ensure the nutritional well-being of all Filipinos, recognized locally and globally, and led by a team of competent and committed public servants.

On its 46th year serving the Filipino people, the National Nutrition Council celebrated its 46th anniversary online through google meet on 25 June 2020. More than 140 participants from all over the country flashed their smiles on the screen to greet their co-nutrition workers a Happy 46th Anniversary!

At 1:30 in the afternoon, Rev. Fr. Gregorio Bicomong, Jr. SDB presided the ecumenical celebration via Facebook live where the participants were able to listen to the eucharistic celebration.  This was followed by a very heart-warming welcome message from NNC’s Executive Director Dr. Azucena M. Dayanghirang. In her speech, Dr. Dayanghirang greeted everyone a Happy 46th Anniversary and thanked everyone for their heart-filled service to NNC and to the Filipino people to ensure their nutrition well-being.