Are you craving for something healthy, sweet and refreshing dessert without the excessive calories? Look no further than the locally available Melon fruit! A serving of Milon Tagalog or Muskmelon contains only 44 calories yet already satisfies up to 70% of your daily Vitamin C needs. Melon season usually runs from April - July in the Philippines. In terms of nutrient content, it is a good source of Vitamin C, Folate and Potassium which is recommended for pregnant women and for the prevention of non-communicable diseases. It is also low in calories which is suitable for weight loss. Its high water content also makes it a good summer snack.

One serving of Milon Tagalog is equivalent to:
● 1 ¼ cup sliced melon
● 1 slice (16 x 6.5 x 2 cm)
● 278 g with skin and seeds or 200 g edible portion without skin or seeds

Here are some of the unique health benefits of Melons:

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It’s raining mangoes! Did you know that 1 serving (70 g) of Mango can satisfy up to 55% of your daily Vitamin C needs? It is also a good source of Vitamin A in the form of Beta carotene. The two most popular mango variants that are in season nowadays are Indian Mangoes and Carabao Mangoes. They can be eaten ripe or unripe and can be eaten fresh or as a flavoring ingredient in savory dishes.

1 serving of unripe Indian Mango is equivalent to:
● ½ cup sliced
● 1 piece (6.5 cm diameter)
● 80 g edible portion, no peel and no seed
● 140 g fruit with peel and seed

1 serving of ripe Carabao Mango is equivalent to:
● ½ cup sliced
● 1 slice (8 x 7 cm)
● 70 g edible portion, no peel and no seed
● 104 g fruit with peel

Here are some of the health benefits of Mangoes:


Durian is considered the King of Fruits…well, at least in Davao! Durian season usually runs from August to October. It is one of Davao’s iconic fruits that is popular for its unique flavor and aroma. It has a creamy texture and a sweet-bitter taste. The unique flavor and aroma is due to its fat, sugar and volatile compounds like esters and sulfur-containing compounds such as thioacetals, thioesters thiolanes and alcohols. Here are 5 reasons why you should add Durian into your diet:

1. It has a lower Glucose Index value as compared to other fruits. Even though Durian contains sugar, it has a relatively lower Glucose Index value. Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of how fast the blood glucose levels increase after intake of a certain food. The fiber and fat content of Durian slows the conversion of carbohydrate to glucose and delays its absorption. Thus, it causes lesser spikes in blood glucose levels which makes it a suitable fruit for Diabetics when eaten in moderation.

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Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day, especially for growing children. While it is indeed essential for children’s optimum growth, studies show that breakfast can also contribute to children’s creativity, focus and learning capacity. A 2012 study by Pivik et al. showed that school-aged children who ate breakfast had enhanced focus and attention on math tasks as compared to those who skipped breakfast. Another 2016 study by Fulford et al. showed that adolescents aged 12 - 14 who had breakfast had greater brain activation on areas for planned actions, visual processing and memory as compared to those who skipped breakfast. These studies support the role of healthy breakfast for students because the brain is highly dependent on a continuous supply of -nutrients needed for the cognitive demands of learning. This still applies for school-aged children who are studying online. Here are breakfast tips for students to optimize online learning:

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Did you know that Pomelo or Citrus grandis is the world’s largest citrus fruit? Pomelo season usually runs from November to January in the Philippines. It has a greenish to yellow peel, a whitish to deep red colored pulp, and a sweet-sour taste. Davao is the major producer of the sweet varieties due to its favorable climate and soil profile.

One serving is equivalent to 2 segments of the fruit (around 100 g) which contains:
● 51 calories which is a good low calorie snack or dessert for those who are trying to lose weight
● 46 mg of Vitamin C which already satisfies up to 75 % of the daily Vitamin C needs of adult Filipino Males and Females 19 - 29 y.o.

Here are some of the potential health benefits of this fruit when eaten regularly:

Image BreastfeedingCOVID19Short answer is YES. According to the World Health Organization as of May 2020: “Transmission of active COVID-19 (virus that can cause infection) through breast milk and breastfeeding has not been detected to date. There is no reason to avoid or stop breastfeeding.” The Center for Disease Control (CDC) also recommends breastfeeding for mothers who have suspected or proven COVID-19 because breast milk is the best source of nutrition and protection of infants against infections.