A mineral called iodine can be present in various foods. Due to its role in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, this mineral is crucial for human health. The body's metabolism and other critical processes are regulated by thyroid hormones. This hormone is crucial for the baby's healthy bone and brain development during pregnancy.

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NNC XII convened the Local Nutrition Focal Points (LNFPs) for the 1st meeting of 2023 via Zoom teleconference. A total of 55 LNFPs from 53 LGUs at the provincial, city and municipal level were present during the meeting, including nutrition action officers, program coordinators, and local nutrition staff.


Barangay Nutrition Scholars play a major role in delivering nutrition and other health-related services in the community. They also monitor the nutritional status of children and other nutritionally at-risk groups and refer to the services that require immediate interventions.

In line with this, the Local Government Unit of Kalamansig in partnership with the National Nutrition Council XII conducted a 3-day Training for the Barangay Nutrition Scholars. The training aims to deepen the participant's awareness, improve their skills and abilities in accordance with their expected roles as BNS and provide technical assistance and nutrition updates for better delivery of nutrition services in the community. Included topics in the course were PPAN, BNS program, roles, and functions of BNS, BNS Forms, roles, and functions of BNC, and E-OPT Plus tool.


SOCCSKRAGEN---The National Nutrition Council XII has led the series of workshops for the formulation of the Regional Nutrition Plan of Action for 2023-2028 (RPAN).  The members of the Regional Nutrition Committee were convened on October 13-14, 2022 at Paraiso Verde, Koronadal City for the First round of Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition Workshop.  Successively, refinement of the draft plan was held on the 9th of December at Greenstate Suites, Koronadal City. The series of workshops were attended by the different members of the Regional Nutrition Committee as well as the HRH-Nutritionist-Dietitians.

Nie with South Cot Province
The Province of South Cotabato conducted Nutrition in Emergencies Training and Workshop for its Nutrition Program Implementers on December 5 and 6, 2022, at Villa Princessita, Koronadal City.  National Nutrition Council Region XII's DMO II Danah Pearl Aurel, RN, served as the training's resource person.

For context, the objective of the NiE program in disaster-stricken areas is to avert deaths and safeguard the right to nutrition, especially among the vulnerable groups covering the infant and young children, pregnant and lactating women, elderlies, and persons with disabilities. It is assumed that people who are malnourished prior to a crisis are more susceptible to illness and death after a disaster strikes. Due to inadequate food and water supplies, poor sanitation, and lack of access to health services, the people affected by these calamities are at risk of malnutrition.


SOCCSKSARGEN----The Municipality of Malungon, Sarangani, served as the official launchpad for the upcoming Learning Hub for Enhanced and Revitalized Nutrition (LHEARN) Project in Region 12. A two-day orientation activity was conducted held on December 20-21, 2022, at Kalonbarak Skyline ridge, Malungon, Sarangani. The said orientation focused on the project’s overarching goal, its establishment, related activities, and implementation, including its expansion and institutionalization. NO III Annalita Mae Flores, assisted by DMO II Danah Pearl Aurel, served as the facilitators in this first LHEARN session. The topic sessions were discussed by Ms. Queenie De Jesus of NIED via recorded message.