SUN Business Network Meeting 2 

The SUN Business Network (SBN) is the only dedicated global platform for business and nutrition, with the aim to reduce malnutrition in all its forms – through engaging and supporting businesses to act, invest and innovate in responsible and sustainable actions and operations to improve nutrition. It aims to increase the availability and affordability of safe, nutritious foods to consumers, especially low-income consumers through activities at global and national levels. To do this, the SUN Business Network provides a neutral platform to broker partnerships and collaborations between businesses and all actors on nutrition at the national, regional, and global levels in support of SUN Countries.

Tutok Kainan Phase 3

The target areas for Phase 3 of Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (6-23 months old children) were oriented on the background of the program, roles & functions of LGUs, and DSP Cycle Menu. The orientation was conducted on 12 August 2021 via an online platform.

SUN 3.0

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is a global movement that aims for a world free from malnutrition in all its forms by 2030, which is aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The movement advocates the need for a collaborative and collective effort among the government as lead, civil society, United Nations, donors, research organizations, businesses, private sector, and other partners and individuals to achieve this vision and to ensure that every child, adolescent, mother, and family can realize their right to food and nutrition, reach their full potential and shape sustainable and prosperous societies. The Philippines, through an NNC Governing Board resolution in 2014, approved the country’s registration to SUN. Since then, the Philippines has been continuously active in all activities of the SUN Movement and in strengthening its networks.

western visayas nutri media circle

It is recognized that the media has a massive role to play in raising awareness and communicating messages around good Nutrition and healthy diets to the masses. Also, in conducting advocacy efforts to ensure that Nutrition remains high on the political agenda and that the right policies, governance structures, and actions are put in place to foster accountability across stakeholders.

Province of Guimaras

NNC VI facilitated an online workshop for the integration of nutrition in the 2022 AIP for the Province of Guimaras. Hon. Samuel, T. Gumarin, MD, MPH, Governor and Chair of the Guimaras Provincial Nutrition Committee gave an inspirational message and expressed strong support for nutrition program in the province as he indicated a substantial allocation for nutrition program for the province in the 2021 budget. The Governor also recognized the important and crucial role of addressing malnutrition in the first 1000 days especially in the context of the current pandemic.

breastfeeding awareness month

Is breastfeeding recommended during the COVID-19 pandemic? A common question of breastfeeding moms or about to be breastfeeding moms. Is it safe to breastfeed during the COVID-19 outbreak? A typical question asked by nursing or soon-to-be-breastfeeding mothers. It is the cornerstone of infant and young child survival, nutrition and development, and maternal health. Concerns on the safety of breastfeeding during the pandemic have been raised.