Cebu City- These past few days more and more people are having flu like symptoms such as coughs, cold, slight fever and so on. We might not know if it’s signs of COVID or just a regular flu, therefore keeping your immunity strong should be on top of your mind. So here are some tips on keeping your immunity strong and healthy.


Barili, Cebu- The National Nutrition Council Region VII Nutriskwela team conducted an on-site monitoring of Radyo Kahimsug on 21 January 2022. The monitoring was made in Cebu Technological University Barili campus where the station is located.

The station was no exemption from the devastation brought by typhoon Odette, the stations antenna was taken down by the strong winds of the typhoon, the ceiling is partially damaged, and the computer equipment is yet to be checked for damages.


Cebu City – As COVID-19 continues to make strides in headlines all over the world as the surge of Omicron variant cases rise especially in the Philippines, we also look at how this pandemic is affecting every aspect of our daily lives not to mention our eating habits. Personally, I think a lot of people are missing out on the opportunity to support the body’s immune system through good nutrition but instead individuals right away resort to medication as a cure. This is your chance to right your actions with the means to battle COVID-19 with Nutrition.

Anasco 2.2

San Miguel, Bohol - The Municipal Nutrition Cluster (MNCl) of this interior town spearheaded by the Municipal Mayor Virgilio Mendez with the active members MNAO Dr. Janilane D. Abellar and MNPC Clarissa C. Orevillo, RN and other members met on 14 December 2021 to work on a nutrition in emergency mission. Discussed were the MDRMM budget for response, NiE activities and functions of each member and contingency plan.


Cebu City – Nowadays, boosting one’s immune system is essential as the Omicron variant has already reached here in Central Visayas. According to the latest report from local news, there are already 22 Omicron cases recorded as of 18 January 2022. As reported by the World Health Organization, variant B.1.1.529 or the Omicron variant is a variant of concern as it spreads quite quickly. As its transmissibility is swift, this could also mean that this variant can help build herd immunity in societies. Therefore, most people nowadays are making efforts to boost their immunity to prevent themselves from catching this virus.

ANASCO main replacement

Maribojoc, Bohol - Incomprehensible joy was felt by the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNSs) and Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) in Maribojoc, Bohol after hearing the good news that they will get an honorarium from the municipal budget starting July to December 2021 and onwards.