2nd bns mentoring
Cebu City
 - With the current limitations on travel, FeBaNuSA 7, Inc., the federation of Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) Associations in Central Visayas continues to strive hard to find other alternatives to continue peer learning and provision of technical assistance to other members of the BNS federation in the region. Given the current circumstances, the association officers conducted the second session of BNS mentoring program via Zoom.

The activity was conducted on 26 October 2021. It was attended by mentee-BNSs from five different local government units namely Bogo City, Mandaue City, Consolacion and Dalaguete, Cebu, and Siquijor, Siquijor. The mentor in this activity was the association's president, BNS Lopito B. Patrimonio, who discussed the different types of forms used by BNSs and how important these forms are. It was also emphasized that BNSAP is different from BNAP and how these plans are related to each other but not the same. Another topic tackled was BNAP which is not supposed to be made by the BNS or BNAO alone but by the entire BNC lead by a planning team composed of key BNC members. Technical backstopping was provided by NNC 7 technical staff.   

During the session, BNS Patrimonio showed the different folder files he maintained as a reference to other BNSs who attended the mentoring session. He also discussed the important roles of BNS in reporting and how essential these documents are to ensure the success of the implementation of the nutrition program in their barangays. He further emphasized that these forms should remain intact and be kept in the nutrition office all the time and accessible by anyone being public documents.

The third and last session will happen on 29 November 2021 with Cebu BNS Provincial Association President and immediate past president of FeBaNuSa 7, Inc. BNS Evangeline M. Villarta as mentor.

These are just some of the ways that the frontline nutrition volunteers can refresh their knowledge and get updates on their roles and responsibilities in the community. As the regional officers find ways and evolve their method of reaching out to their 3,272 mass members and hopeful to conduct the mentoring face to face in the future when strict quarantine protocols would ease up. // ND II Suzette Jade M. Salado, RND