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Consolacion, Cebu – Another year has passed since the pandemic started in 2020, and 2021 was solely focused on the vaccination drive for the population, but 2021 for sure was another fruitful year for the National Nutrition Council Region VII. With certainty 2021 was riddled with lots of challenges and came along were opportunities to grow and learn, and 2022 will be no different, and is just about to scratch the surface of bringing more exciting things to look forward.

The NNC 7 team went to a private isolated establishment in Consolacion, Cebu to conduct the planning exercise for the year 2022. At the outset, the activity started with a review of the different desk’s past year activities, grading, and offering constructive comments on how to improve past actions and introduce new ways to become far better. With the NNC 7 2021 accomplishments, it was somewhat routinary for the team to see where enhancements could be made.

As a new member of the team, I found the review and react method to be a strong tool for improvement and development accompanied by teamwork and constructive criticism it’s almost insurmountable that a mountain of ideas come piling on. As new roles are introduced and new tasks were about to unfold, an abecedarian like myself had a moment of sheer confusion and an overwhelming feeling. Nevertheless, a newcomer like me won’t shy away from a challenge and an opportunity to learn, I’m always the one filled with optimism.

The experience was for sure super productive, lots of ideas flinging around and just stirs my mind to learn all aspects along the process. Looking forward for 2022, on what it will offer, I am confident with the team and support system every member gets. The capabilities and possibilities of what this team offers is endless. // NO I Gab Flores, RND

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