2022 RJay Bulls FINCebu City – Mr. Rjay Bula or commonly known as “Rjaybuls”, a social media content creator and NAS daily impersonator in Cebu advised Nutrition Action Officers (NAOs) in Central Visayas to maximize social media as a platform for nutrition advocacy and promotion. He did this during the 17th Regional Congress of Nutrition Action Officers held on 16 September 2022 at Galleria Hotel, Cebu City. “Rjaybuls” was one of the resource speakers then in the said event where he elaborated on content creation and investing in social media.

Mr. Rjaybuls in his talk urged the 127 NAOs attending the regional congress to invest in social media as this is the best way to spread good information to the targeted audience. He shared that in a study, there are approximately 79 million users in the Philippines and the average screen time is about five hours and 47 minutes. “As social media platforms keep on developing, more and more people will most likely choose to use their phones to get information rather than in traditional media. This (platform) gives a direct (information) audience online”, he said. Mr. Bula further told the attendees that this is an untapped opportunity for NAOs and nutrition workers to engage in and spread the information.

Rjaybuls, who was recently recognized by NAS Daily Vlogs, an international social media influencer for his art in impersonating and creating good comedic vlogs, reminded the participants that “if you want more people to know the information you want to relay, you need to go with the flow. If people are on social media, then you should be on social media. Just like big companies, they are slowly shifting their market game in social media by making video content or paying content creators because it is easier, gives more value to a product, and is not expensive while making more people see their goods. Imagine a single video posted on different social media platforms, he opined.

Mr. Bula further advised the participating NAOs that to have good content and easy recall and make their message short, simple, organized, and relatable. If you can make it in an entertaining way, it is a big plus. But remember you need to compete to get their attention. Be more creative, and unique, and give something that separates you from the rest. People are using their phones to learn. Content creation is the future to get information and the future of spreading information, he concluded.

The Regional Congress of NAOs is an annual event organized by the Central Visayas Association of NAOs in partnership with the National Nutrition Council Region VII to update nutrition program managers on current policies and programmatic information relevant to their roles as orchestrators of the nutrition program in their local government.

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