2022 WestCebu Advocacy VisitCebu City, Cebu – Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Dr. Parolita A. Mission visited the towns of Asturias and Balamban, Cebu on 10 October 2022 to advocate for nutrition to newly elected mayors in these municipalities.

The advocacy visit focused on the importance of nutrition and why the LGU should invest in it. Dr. Mission also shared the roles of the local nutrition committees, the nutrition situation of the LGU, the functionality of the Municipal Nutrition Committee (MNC), and the power of the first one thousand days. The advocacy visits also discussed the “NEOtrition guide”, a quick guide to navigating the nutrition programs of newly elected LCEs.

Malnutrition is a universal issue and is holding back development across the world. At the same time, the opportunity to end malnutrition has never been greater. The multidisciplinary problem of nutrition leads local governments to improve their capacity and bring together various stakeholders to come up with collectively agreeable solutions to solve malnutrition.

The advocacy visit started in the Municipality of Asturias, Cebu wherein she was greeted by Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) Dr. Resalde N. Climaco and Municipal Nutrition Program Coordinator (MNPC) Ms. Haidee E. Inting RHM. She was then ushered to the office of the MNC Chair Hon. Mayor Dana Andrew M. Dumdum a neophyte LCE. The advocacy meeting was also attended by Asturias NDP Focal for Nutrition Ms. Rhubee F. Charcos, Nutrition Worker Ms. Mae Lurleen V. Maravillas, and Asturias BNS Association President Ms. Maribeth S. Pepito.

On the same day, RNPC Dr. Mission visited the Municipality of Balamban, Cebu, and met with MNC Chair Hon. Mayor Ace Stefan V. Binghay. An advocacy meeting on nutrition took place in the municipal council conference room and was attended by MNAO Dr. Jon Patrick Gonzalez, former MNPC and Rural Health Midwife Ms. Relibeth Sayson, NDP focal for Nutrition Ms. Liezel Caligner, and Balamban BNS Association President Ms. Rosemarie Lempio.

Both mayors committed to supporting the nutrition program, particularly in hiring full-time nutrition personnel to handle the program, investing in First 1000 Days esp the dietary supplementation program for pregnant women and young children, and making their MNCs functional. RNPC Dr. Mission covered almost all newly elected governors and mayors in Central Visayas, to date.

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