January2023 VitaminsCebu City – There are two types of vitamins as we all know. The fat-soluble and the water-soluble vitamins. Both have beneficial effects on our bodies. But what really is the function of vitamins in our body?

Vitamins have many roles in the body not just by improving the immune system, but also turns food into energy, as well as repairing damaged cells in the body. Several bodily functions depend on them, including cell reproduction, growth, and energy transport within the cell.

January2023 comfort FoodTagbilaran City – You can't help but be concerned about our society's stresses. Some people may find that eating a nutrient-dense diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods helps them manage their uneasiness.

Here are the lists of food that can make you feel better:

Fatty Fish - Omega-3 fatty fish include salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, and herring. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to improved cognitive function and mental health. It has also Vitamin D which improves your mood.

January2023 IodineCebu City - What are the effects of iodine in the body? Is this trace mineral essential? Can this cause some adverse effects to our health?

Iodine is a vital trace mineral that the body cannot produce on its own and must be received through food or supplements. It is added to vitamins and some salt seasonings, and it is naturally present in some foods.

January2023 potassium sodiumCebu City - What is the relationship between potassium and sodium? Are they good for the body?

All body tissues require the mineral potassium. It is also called an electrolyte since it carries a small amount of charge that activates cells and other nerve functions. The main role of potassium is to help maintain the fluid inside the cells of our body.

While sodium, being the counterpart of potassium maintains the regular fluid levels outside of the cells.

January2023 food relationshipCebu City - With the pressure brought upon social media in different platforms on having the ‘ideal body’ most of the time people tend to cut off their food intake or choose diets that may eventually lead to bad relationship with their food. 

Often times with prolonged negative approach when it comes to food, it would lead to a more serious eating disorder. Signs of bad relationship with food is as simple as feeling guilty when eating, or that you tend to avoid or binge eat, following the latest fad diets, ignoring the feeling of hunger is also a sign. A big red flag sign is when you feel stressed or that the feeling of anxiety rises when you are eating out with a group of friends, you feel pressured that you have to eat more or the same as the group in order to fit in.

January2023 GoodFood GoodMoodCebu City – Nutrition is a pivotal concept, and over the years has always highlighted its role in maintaining and improving physical health. With the recent studies published, providing your body with good nutrition has also been shown to have effects on your mental and emotional well-being. With food as a source of energy for how our bodies cope with daily activities, it also fuels the brain to secrete chemical compositions to keep our nervous system at its optimum function.

Our gut, or what others refer to as our second brain, partially determines the fate of our moods. In physiology, the GI or the gastrointestinal tract is home to millions of microbiomes, in which the production process greatly influences the secretion of chemical messengers that carry signals from the gut to the brain (like serotonin and dopamine). Consuming foods that are nutritionally dense is shown to promote the production of good bacteria in the gut, and directly affects the production of previously mentioned hormones to improve the mood. Halting the production process of these chemical messengers would negatively affect your mood. Feelings such as evidence of energy slumps, irritability, and even difficulty in sleeping are shown to be associated with one's poor choices of food.

So, what foods should you include in your diet to help give your mood a boost?